27 February 2007

King tops Obama but faces possible clash over New Hampshire State Boards Association's unlawful First Amendment recommendations.

This is yesterday's entry where I gave the NHSBA a failing grade for its restrictive public comment speech recommendation, as an entity that uses tax dollars for its operating funds. Its position was soundly defeated in the Doyle case I initiated and by Nashua City Attorney Stephen Bennett's 5-page opinion.

As a former election worker (once in NH actually) I applied for work with Barack Obama shortly after I tongue-in-cheekly "topped" him in New Hampshire, as noted in this entry. Someone suggested I get him to speak out against the NHSBA's restrictive speech recommendations for public comment, but then someone else sent the above pic with the Senator and NHSBA officials.

None of this means that he actually supports the policy, but what it does mean is that he should come out against it, as I said he should in the very first entry regarding the NHSBA when I hand-delivered a copy of the letter to his rally spot here in Nashua. He's a former practicing Civil Rights lawyer and so am I; I know I almost never lose a First Amendment case but am unaware of his record. What I do know is that I'm correct on this issue, every day I am.

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Christopher King said...

Just food for thought.



Christopher King said...

In from the email tip jar:

Fine job......

Freedom of Speech is a terrific issue to pin him down with. He is obviously looking for teacher (union) support in hanging around with the NHSBA, but will he support Freedom of Speech by denouncing, publicly, their restriction against the public's right to speak freely?

Freedom of Speech is an important civil rights issue; it was the centerpiece of MLK's peaceful resistance movement. The Right to assemble (march) and the right to speak against government policy of racism......


To which I say, amen, brother. And no one is free while others are oppressed, and losing one's freedom of speech is surely a form of oppression.