13 February 2007

Clemson bigots mar the legacy of Martin Luther King; set back race relations 50 years.

How nice. A bunch of purportedly well-educated kids throw an intellectual hate crime party reminiscent of the "Martin Luther Coon" parties popularized by the SAE's 20-some years ago in my home state. This blog "The Think" shows these crazy Clemson Kids had blackface, gold teeth (read: grills), malt liquor and padded behinds. KingCast and Justiceforkids (also from Ohio) abhor this "mind"set. We don't make fun of Irishmen's alleged physical handicaps on St. Patty's Day; instead we actually hang out at Irish Pubs, like O'Neill's in South Norwalk; dig the audio.

These students of life need to learn about embracing diversity the way that Alderman Teeboom and I have, as noted in this link concerning our unity (which was joined by school board member Sandra Ziehm, a transplanted Southerner) as we helped protect First Amendment Rights for people of all ages, races, religions and ethnic origins. That spirit is precisely why I was an active member of Mayor Streeter's Ethnic Awareness Committee.

The students say they didn't mean to offend anyone, so I am emailing the campus as to my availability as someone who hosted a hate crime forum during law school.

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PS: As for me, appearing as Flava Flav at Halloween is entirely different than receiving a commendation on Martin Luther King Day, duh.


Christopher King said...

Of course all of this sort of activity begs the question, "who's really behind this, anyway?"


Stacy Koon said...

Seems like a bunch of kids looking to get drunk and laid. Smoke some Chronic. Real basic instincts. Base and lacking forethought. Insensitive. But really just trying to catch a buzz and bust a nut.

Christopher King said...

Well officer Koon, the only problem with that assessment is this:

Why they gotta' be actin' negro to get laid?

Again, it would have been a different thing on Halloween.

And FWIW, I don't dress up like white business or political leaders when I'm on the hunt =^.)

I guess it's that oft-vaunted Negroid sexuality they are all trying to embrace.


Che said...

Mocking the establishment perhaps. Same kids will wear shamrocks and playt the irish drunk in March and think its funny. Or will talk with a guido accent when they wear a muscle shirt. Most races have character types that people will exaggerate (I see a pimp with a cigar there) for fun. It may be hurtful to some, but likely these are stupid kids who have no self awareness. It is offensive. But so is most of life. People are petty and will be mean and insensitive in a heartbeat, and making fun of differences is easy pickings. Its good that you speak out against it, so as to keep retribution channelled into non violent activities. Ala Dr. King. And someday everyone will always be content and feel secure. And the same penis size and balance sheet. I have a dream.

Christopher King said...

"People are petty and will be mean and insensitive in a heartbeat, and making fun of differences is easy pickings...."

Yeah, and when I was in third grade a bunch of us picked on William Wood for being fat.

It really wasn't cool though and so we grew out of it before Adolescence.


Whatever the case, remember that in the last paragraph of the Hate Crimes Post:


I also gave no quarter to black kids for a Hate Crime they were convicted of.

One Love.