12 February 2007

Christopher King writes an open letter to the New Hampshire School Boards Association regarding First Amendment public comment policies.

Here it is; and as we lawyers say, res ipsa. Here are the attachments then, the Jerry Doyle Columbus case I initiated back in '98 or '99, and the 5-page supporting opinion by Nashua City Attorney Stephen Bennett, finding that speech restrictions beyond time, place and manner in a limited public forum are, ipso facto Unconstitutional. This post will be delivered to Sen. Barack Obama later today, as I know he's in favor of maintaining an open government.

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Christopher King said...

And here comes Alderman Teeboom, protecting the First Amendment and signing on with substantial authority:


Dr. Comstock
Executive Director
NH School Boards Association


(1) Letter, Chris King, J.D. to Dr. Ted Comstock, dated 9 February

(2) NHSBA Policy BEDH, Public Participation at Board Meetings

Dear Dr. Comstock:

I had written to you previously concerning the UNCONSTITUTIONAL RESTRAINT on the public's constitutionally protected FREEDOM OF SPEECH during public participation, as expressed in Item #4 of referenced recommended NHSBA Policy, titled "Pubic Participation at Board Meetings.

You wrote that you would look into this, but I have seen no further response.

Now the matter is being escalated, per referenced letter from Dr. Christopher King, J.D.

I will anticipate decisive action on your part to exorcise the offending section from your model policy, with public announcement to all NHSBA member school board, and in particular, to all NHSBA member school boards who have adopted your recommended policy.

I look forward to your prompt response, on/before 28 February. I can be reached at (603) 889-2316.

Fred S. Teeboom


(1) Letter, Chris King, J.D. to Dr. Ted Comstock, dated 9 February
(2) NHSBA Policy BEDH, Public Participation at Board Meetings

Schecky Green said...

T-Bone Teeboom is da man! He must lay a lot of pipe around town.

Christopher King said...

Yeah, he is da Man.

He was never a card-carrying member of plumbers & pipefitters:


but was instead actually an engineer. Gosh knows he and I have engineered some serious gains in Civil Rights over the years; you know about some (but hardly all) of mine, but he won access to City Hall meeting rooms for the Nashua Taxpayers' Ass'n in the 90's IIRC.

The lead case they used was an NAACP case where some southern town discriminatorily-refused meeting room access for the NAACP.

That would be yet another First Amendment issue, natch.