26 February 2007

Christopher King gives a failing grade to New Hampshire State Boards Association on Free Speech issue.

Let's follow along, shall we?

This is the first blawg entry in disbelief on the matter of the NHSBA actually recommending that area school boards limit free speech at public comment opportunities. The thumbnails are, respectively, my 8 Feb. letter; their 22 Feb. letter with annotations from me (1/2), and my reply letter of 26 February (today at 1/2), noting, inter alia,
B: The case law you cited for my consideration is at once antiquated and not on point......While I appreciate that you may be revising the policies by May, I think 60-90 more days is 60-90 days too many to continue to use tax dollars to recommend unlawful policies that are inimical to the interests of Justice in our schools. As such, I am copying the office of the Attorney General on the matter for an immediate advisory opinion, and regardless of what happens as a result of that, I am preparing a lawsuit for immediate Injunctive Relief. The First Amendment, and the protection of freedoms for the public at-large, demands no less diligence.

As this develops, look for new short films at KingCast.net or Justiceforkids.net.


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