26 February 2007

Christopher King contacts Mayor's Ethnic Awareness Committee to find Eddie Azamor's missing daughter.

I have it on Good Faith and Good Belief that people in Nashua City Hall want to see Eddie Azamor reunited with his daughter, who was taken to Brazil against his wishes (and against Court ORDER), as noted in this recent post. Eddie told me today that his father attended the first Ethnic Awareness Committee meeting on Sunday as noted in today's story by Karen Lovett, and he and I simply will not stop until we get Justice.
Folks representing the city’s African-American, Brazilian, Latino, French Canadian and Indian populations were among those at the event. Several people talked about their reasons for choosing Nashua, including its good educational system and pleasant surroundings.

That's precisely what Mr. Azamor, as a non-privileged Brazilian, had in mind for his daughter, and I intend to see that he gets what he wants if it is the last thing I do. After all, I've got a pretty good track record on Civil Rights in New Hampshire.

KingCast.net and Justiceforkids.net: 21st Century Civil Rights.

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