22 February 2007

Christopher King agrees with Nashua Police on Eddie Azamor's missing child; will approach Mayor's Ethnic Awareness committee.

Eddie Azamor is a hard-working Brazilian fellow who washes my cars in the most inclement conditions. Sadly, much of his work lately has been trying to get NH AG Kelly Ayotte to go after his ex girlfriend, Camilla Martins, for allegedly kidnapping their child, L.A., and absconding to Brazil. I know a lot of Brazilians, and to a man or woman, they are sensible people who work hard and enjoy life so when Eddie approached me an hour ago as he washed Lucky Number 7, I told him I would get right on it, so I did.

I will be forwarding a copy of this blawg entry to Nashua Police as Mr. Azamor informs that at least one Detective there tried to do the right thing but was thwarted by a "lack of funds" at the AG's level.

Problem is, Mr. Azamor has been informed that the AG's office did indeed secure funds to locate another Brazilian child in virtually identical circumstances.

"Why is my child not as important?" he asked me today, the inside corners of his eyes curling up in a plea for help. "Oh, she is to me, my brother," I said as we shared a Brazilian soul shake.

As a former active member of the Mayor's Ethnic Awareness Committee, I will be forwarding this matter to them for review at their 25 Feb 2007 open meeting. That's how we do things at KingCast.net and Justiceforkids.net as we make a difference in the community.

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Christopher King said...

What a wild day.

First I go to drop off this blawg entry to Mayor Streeter to forward to the Ethnic Awareness Committee Chair, and to check in on his wife's progress in fighting gioblastoma:


And who should walk in but newly-hired Nashua School Board Superintendent Chris Hottel. For you newbies, Chris and I are both yoga practitioners who tussled over the First Amendment Speech issue before I won:



Then as I dropped a copy off for Lieutenant Tim Goulden (who coincidentally drives a BMW, so we chatted about that for a while) out walks another lawyer named Chris who appears with Mr. Goulden and me in the KingCast short film "Day in Nashua."



We all talked about charting a course of action for me to get my license back, as we all agree that I am an asset to the community.

Regardless of what some of the folks at Daily Kos have to say =^.)

Christopher King said...

Daily Kos link: