28 February 2007

Boston Author/Broker John Feloni says "Hey King, you went from douchebag to darling!"

Yeah, John's a great financier (Stockbrokerpro.com) and a great guy, but is more importantly an author ("Fall of the House of Hutton") on corporate malfeasance. In fact, he and I share an unusual but significant common bond: We both told our prior employers "I didn't check my First Amendment Rights when I walked in the door." John plays in a financial realm with which I have no direct experience, but we both saw our respective colleagues run for cover when we stood up to unethical corporate behaviour. Yesterday we talked about how American Tower backdates stock options and leases, was rejected by Blogger for trying to remove my posts about them, and how they actually got sued by Teresian Monks, for crissakes.

So right about now he's probably watching part of the American Tower story told at KingCast short films "American Lawyer II & III," and laughing about his comment about how I crushed a bogus Felony Extortion Indictment and within months prevailed on a major First Amendment battle against the Nashua School Board. Feloni grinned and said,
"You went from douchebag to darling, didn't you."

Boston Bulletin Editor James O'Brien's forthcoming book reflects on that and a whole lot more (1/2). Here's the money pics of KingCast in action in the Nashua Telegraph (1/2).

PS: When E.F. Hutton speaks, people may listen but they prolly don't hear much anymore =^.)


Anonymous said...

Douchebag to darling huh? I guess that I would take that as a compliment. lol.

Be careful with the snow today!

Christopher King said...

Oh, it's definitely All Good.

We've taken our correspondence off-line, but I will tell you I just told him

".....and truth is stranger than fiction. It's All Good. And as the Telegraph picture with Alderman Teeboom shows, kindred spirits come from all walks of life. My apparent mission in life is to unify us toward The Good."

Weird snow day, kind of springlike; horrible for skiing but up in the mountains perhaps it came down in Big Flakes.

Would that I knew ;-)


Anonymous said...

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