28 February 2007

Boston Author/Broker John Feloni says "Hey King, you went from douchebag to darling!"

Yeah, John's a great financier (Stockbrokerpro.com) and a great guy, but is more importantly an author ("Fall of the House of Hutton") on corporate malfeasance. In fact, he and I share an unusual but significant common bond: We both told our prior employers "I didn't check my First Amendment Rights when I walked in the door." John plays in a financial realm with which I have no direct experience, but we both saw our respective colleagues run for cover when we stood up to unethical corporate behaviour. Yesterday we talked about how American Tower backdates stock options and leases, was rejected by Blogger for trying to remove my posts about them, and how they actually got sued by Teresian Monks, for crissakes.

So right about now he's probably watching part of the American Tower story told at KingCast short films "American Lawyer II & III," and laughing about his comment about how I crushed a bogus Felony Extortion Indictment and within months prevailed on a major First Amendment battle against the Nashua School Board. Feloni grinned and said,
"You went from douchebag to darling, didn't you."

Boston Bulletin Editor James O'Brien's forthcoming book reflects on that and a whole lot more (1/2). Here's the money pics of KingCast in action in the Nashua Telegraph (1/2).

PS: When E.F. Hutton speaks, people may listen but they prolly don't hear much anymore =^.)

27 February 2007

King tops Obama but faces possible clash over New Hampshire State Boards Association's unlawful First Amendment recommendations.

This is yesterday's entry where I gave the NHSBA a failing grade for its restrictive public comment speech recommendation, as an entity that uses tax dollars for its operating funds. Its position was soundly defeated in the Doyle case I initiated and by Nashua City Attorney Stephen Bennett's 5-page opinion.

As a former election worker (once in NH actually) I applied for work with Barack Obama shortly after I tongue-in-cheekly "topped" him in New Hampshire, as noted in this entry. Someone suggested I get him to speak out against the NHSBA's restrictive speech recommendations for public comment, but then someone else sent the above pic with the Senator and NHSBA officials.

None of this means that he actually supports the policy, but what it does mean is that he should come out against it, as I said he should in the very first entry regarding the NHSBA when I hand-delivered a copy of the letter to his rally spot here in Nashua. He's a former practicing Civil Rights lawyer and so am I; I know I almost never lose a First Amendment case but am unaware of his record. What I do know is that I'm correct on this issue, every day I am.

KingCast.net and Justiceforkids.net: 21st Century Civil Rights.

26 February 2007

Christopher King contacts Mayor's Ethnic Awareness Committee to find Eddie Azamor's missing daughter.

I have it on Good Faith and Good Belief that people in Nashua City Hall want to see Eddie Azamor reunited with his daughter, who was taken to Brazil against his wishes (and against Court ORDER), as noted in this recent post. Eddie told me today that his father attended the first Ethnic Awareness Committee meeting on Sunday as noted in today's story by Karen Lovett, and he and I simply will not stop until we get Justice.
Folks representing the city’s African-American, Brazilian, Latino, French Canadian and Indian populations were among those at the event. Several people talked about their reasons for choosing Nashua, including its good educational system and pleasant surroundings.

That's precisely what Mr. Azamor, as a non-privileged Brazilian, had in mind for his daughter, and I intend to see that he gets what he wants if it is the last thing I do. After all, I've got a pretty good track record on Civil Rights in New Hampshire.

KingCast.net and Justiceforkids.net: 21st Century Civil Rights.

KingCast watches Melissa Kowalewski and Judge Kinghorn concur about unfair conditions in Merrimack Courthouse.

Melissa is a bright, young earnest attorney out here who is not afraid to speak her mind on this blawg and in general, as witnessed by today's Nashua Telegraph story: Melissa Kowalewski, a public defender out of the state public defender’s office in Nashua, wrote to a sympathetic Kinghorn in December to complain about the courthouse conditions.

"Kowalewski focused on the sheriff’s office – which doubles as an all-purpose holding room for prisoners and meeting space. As Albert says, “this is the room.”

In her letter, Kowalewski wrote that conversations with clients have to be held in that room in front of sheriffs, other inmates, other attorneys, and, oftentimes, police officers and prosecutors."
“Protection of confidentiality is null and void when various parties, regardless of who they are, can hear the content of those conversations,” she wrote.

[Judge Clifford] Kinghorn says he sees it all the time.

“I’m not a public defender, but I watch the struggle they go through every day. I watch how frustrating it must get for them.”

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KingCast supports vigorous BarBri lawsuit.

See that damn BarBri book amongst those Depositions? Well BarBri is just about all you can get, because of collusion and market-fixing, IMHO. Here's yesterday's NYTimes story, "Young lawyers sue, and little changes." Liza Cohen from Hawken started her own company and I remember other things about other Bar prep fliers being torn down in the 90's, so I support the Plaintiffs.

We at KingCast are very busy with our own First Amendment and child protection issues but we're following this with rapt interest.

Christopher King gives a failing grade to New Hampshire State Boards Association on Free Speech issue.

Let's follow along, shall we?

This is the first blawg entry in disbelief on the matter of the NHSBA actually recommending that area school boards limit free speech at public comment opportunities. The thumbnails are, respectively, my 8 Feb. letter; their 22 Feb. letter with annotations from me (1/2), and my reply letter of 26 February (today at 1/2), noting, inter alia,
B: The case law you cited for my consideration is at once antiquated and not on point......While I appreciate that you may be revising the policies by May, I think 60-90 more days is 60-90 days too many to continue to use tax dollars to recommend unlawful policies that are inimical to the interests of Justice in our schools. As such, I am copying the office of the Attorney General on the matter for an immediate advisory opinion, and regardless of what happens as a result of that, I am preparing a lawsuit for immediate Injunctive Relief. The First Amendment, and the protection of freedoms for the public at-large, demands no less diligence.

As this develops, look for new short films at KingCast.net or Justiceforkids.net.


25 February 2007

KingCast watches Virginia apologize for slavery and exploitation of Native Americans.

Here's the story. Being a black man and part Native American (and having lived in Virginia), I concur heartily that even if today's empowered whites did not actually do it, they still owe a duty to recognize it and work toward making the World a better place in which to live. Hell, I didn't invent sexism but as a male, I too have a duty to work against it. It's so simple.

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22 February 2007

KingCast presents: Day in Nashua, Take Two!

Today was incredible. To find out why it was in some ways a repeat of the cinema verite witnessed in the KingCast short film, "Day in Nashua," read the comments section in this entry describing my efforts to have Eddie Azamor's child returned to him.

Christopher King agrees with Nashua Police on Eddie Azamor's missing child; will approach Mayor's Ethnic Awareness committee.

Eddie Azamor is a hard-working Brazilian fellow who washes my cars in the most inclement conditions. Sadly, much of his work lately has been trying to get NH AG Kelly Ayotte to go after his ex girlfriend, Camilla Martins, for allegedly kidnapping their child, L.A., and absconding to Brazil. I know a lot of Brazilians, and to a man or woman, they are sensible people who work hard and enjoy life so when Eddie approached me an hour ago as he washed Lucky Number 7, I told him I would get right on it, so I did.

I will be forwarding a copy of this blawg entry to Nashua Police as Mr. Azamor informs that at least one Detective there tried to do the right thing but was thwarted by a "lack of funds" at the AG's level.

Problem is, Mr. Azamor has been informed that the AG's office did indeed secure funds to locate another Brazilian child in virtually identical circumstances.

"Why is my child not as important?" he asked me today, the inside corners of his eyes curling up in a plea for help. "Oh, she is to me, my brother," I said as we shared a Brazilian soul shake.

As a former active member of the Mayor's Ethnic Awareness Committee, I will be forwarding this matter to them for review at their 25 Feb 2007 open meeting. That's how we do things at KingCast.net and Justiceforkids.net as we make a difference in the community.

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20 February 2007

Rosa Parks lawsuit settles, KingCast watches Rosa Parks inductee prepare Civil Rights lawsuit against NAACP.

I am thoroughly relieved that the estate of Rosa Parks and the Rosa Parks Institute of Self-Development have settled a potential lawsuit concerning her likeness and other intellectual property issues. We don't need any more infighting within the Civil Rights World. Unfortunately, a buddy of mine -- who is a Rosa Parks Civil Rights Wall of Tolerance inductee -- is preparing her lawsuit against the World's Oldest Civil Rights organization for, inter alia, wrongful termination and breach of contract; I've corresponded with her lawyer and believe me it is solid.

But what do I know about the NAACP? Quite a bit, actually, having been its New Hampshire legal chair, as referenced on the jump page of this recent Nashua Telegraph news story (1/2) about another First Amendment victory, proving I know more than a few things about Civil Rights in this, the Greatest Country in the World.

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KingCast presents: "What year is that?"

"Looks like an '88 or '89," said the guy in the Mazda Tribute, standing at the pump next to mine. "Correct. Build date Nov. '88 but tagged as an '89 it has the smaller intercooler pipes compared to the '89 so I'm gonna' replace those."

"Yeah, same colour as yours, exact same car he drove it 333,000 miles and sold it to a woman who paid $1,500.00 for it.... I'll be checking out SAABnet for a new one."

That's Good News to me; mine has but 115K miles =^.)

Then I went out and humbled some dude in a brand new supercharged Toyota Racing Development Scion tC (0-60 6.9-7.2). I ate him up on the outside of the on-ramp and never looked back, the mighty SAAB pulling like gangbusters into the morning sunrise. He gained a bit but ultimately had nothing coming. And just as with the '85 911 Carrera guy I busted in Dallas, he didn't return the piece sign when I gave him one, whatever. It's not war guys, just cars.

PS: Really fast SAABs, i.e. 550hp do 100-150kph (62-93mph) in 3 seconds.

18 February 2007

KingCast presents: Hangin' out at the barn.

Holy cow. Somewhere in Portugal, these vehicular treasures sat for 15 years in an old barn behind a rusted padlock. The SAAB 93 is in the inset photo. Nice.

17 February 2007

KingCast rocks the boost on Lucky Number 7!

Yep, just tweaked 'er all up and she's All Good =^.)

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Disclaimer: Obey all posted speed limits.

13 February 2007

Clemson bigots mar the legacy of Martin Luther King; set back race relations 50 years.

How nice. A bunch of purportedly well-educated kids throw an intellectual hate crime party reminiscent of the "Martin Luther Coon" parties popularized by the SAE's 20-some years ago in my home state. This blog "The Think" shows these crazy Clemson Kids had blackface, gold teeth (read: grills), malt liquor and padded behinds. KingCast and Justiceforkids (also from Ohio) abhor this "mind"set. We don't make fun of Irishmen's alleged physical handicaps on St. Patty's Day; instead we actually hang out at Irish Pubs, like O'Neill's in South Norwalk; dig the audio.

These students of life need to learn about embracing diversity the way that Alderman Teeboom and I have, as noted in this link concerning our unity (which was joined by school board member Sandra Ziehm, a transplanted Southerner) as we helped protect First Amendment Rights for people of all ages, races, religions and ethnic origins. That spirit is precisely why I was an active member of Mayor Streeter's Ethnic Awareness Committee.

The students say they didn't mean to offend anyone, so I am emailing the campus as to my availability as someone who hosted a hate crime forum during law school.

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PS: As for me, appearing as Flava Flav at Halloween is entirely different than receiving a commendation on Martin Luther King Day, duh.

12 February 2007

Nashua Hippo reports: "Ed Board Frees Speech."

Regarding the First Amendment free speech reversal, John Andrews noted:
“Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty,” King said. “That’s what our founding fathers said, and those four words ring true today.” In the night’s second public comment period, after the rule change passed, King urged the board to “get rid of Julia Earl as soon as possible ... She is a stain on your credibility.”

I know Board attorney Jamey McNamee is doing the best he can to deal with this issue because he's friends with another lawyer with whom I work. It's a small World, after all.

Christopher King writes an open letter to the New Hampshire School Boards Association regarding First Amendment public comment policies.

Here it is; and as we lawyers say, res ipsa. Here are the attachments then, the Jerry Doyle Columbus case I initiated back in '98 or '99, and the 5-page supporting opinion by Nashua City Attorney Stephen Bennett, finding that speech restrictions beyond time, place and manner in a limited public forum are, ipso facto Unconstitutional. This post will be delivered to Sen. Barack Obama later today, as I know he's in favor of maintaining an open government.

Related link: NHSBA.org

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Justiceforkids "Advocacy in Action;" all KingCast videos.

Nashua Telegraph Editorial Board concurs with KingCast on Curelop public interest law fund.

This is now the third editorial involving crucial items of public interest law where the Telegraph editorial staff and KingCast find ourselves in Constitutional lockstep. Here are the first/two editorials concerning the successful reversal of Unconstitutional content-based First Amendment restrictions at Nashua School Board meetings. Coincidentally, I saw today's editorial as I opened the paper walking up the stairs to Mayor Streeter's office where Telegraph photographer Bob Hammerstrom shot this picture of Alderman Teeboom and me.

I then delivered a copy of Sunday's blawg entry where I had supported Jan Streeter in her fight against cancer and commended the Curelops to Mayor Streeter's office, came back downstairs and bought my license tags for yet another SAAB Turbo, Lucky Number 7.

Later on today I am going to turn up the boost and visit Barack Obama, with whom I recently shared this Telegraph front page.

10 February 2007

KingCast gives mad support to Jan Streeter and the Curelop family.

As today's Telegraph notes, Jan Streeter -- an active woman on her own account and wife of Nashua Mayor Bernie Streeter -- is in a fight against glioblastoma, a cancerous brain tumor. She had been suffering from related symptoms well before the Mayor wrote me to say "keep up the good work, Chris," as I successfully fought to re-establish my professional life and to protect the First Amendment here in Nashua, his wife was fighting for her life, period.
Jan started right in. “I have no anxiety, no depression . . . being a very spiritual person, I believe God has a plan for everyone. Whatever God is planning for me, I can deal with it,” she said.

All prayers and best wishes to you, Jan and as Mother Ann advised me time and time again, "Keep on Keepin' on," Sister.
On a tangentially-related note, I give mad props to the Curelop family for establishing a $200K loan forgiveness grant to Franklin Pierce Law Center in honor of their daughter Alison Hayward, who dedicated her professional career to public interest law. Coincidentally, my friend Attorney Phillips, noted in comment #8 herein, is an F-P graduate.
Ellen Curelop said her daughter believed public service law was a cornerstone of a democratic society. “It is an equalizer,” Curelop said, adding Pierce Law has made public interest law a focus.

Indeed it is, and that's the spirit of my life, James O'Brien's upcoming book (1/2) and KingCast video, all the way.

06 February 2007

KingCast presents: Hawken Review; Making a Difference.

For Sarah and the Hawken Review Staff: He came to New England and got punched in the nose by a shady corporation, then a now-fired police chief and a hastily-resigned prosecutor for bogus attempted felony extortion charges because of his Constitutional efforts as an NAACP legal chair in New Hampshire while addressing a man who faced 3 drawn police guns & visual body cavity search for loitering. Attachment 1.

He stood his ground, prevailing while using his State Finals debate skills honed at Hawken, and went on to actually change First Amendment law and policy in the Nashua School District, engendering the respect of school board members, Aldermen, a City Attorney and the community, while earning major headlines and accolades from the area daily newspaper, while Living The Dream of Dr. Martin Luther King. Attachment 2.


Meanwhile, he made ground-breaking legal video podcasts at KingCast.net.

Related KingCast/Justiceforkids video:
"Advocacy in Action, then and now."

Mad Respect: Mother Ann, Hawken Education; Attorney Terry Gilbert's words; Hawks in the news.

05 February 2007

KingCast presents: Nashua Telegraph Editorial on the First Amendment, Nashua School Board and Christopher King.

Here it is; A victory for public policy and the First Amendment.
"....Nashua resident Chris King again attempted to speak about [Julia] Earl during a December meeting. When he was told to stop, King’s response was a pledge to get the policy revoked."

So that's what I did (1/2/3) with some initial help from School Board member Sandra Ziehm and then of course Alderman Fred Teeboom, as we came together to Live the Dream espoused by Dr. Martin Luther King.

02 February 2007

KingCast and Nashua Telegraph say: Don't ever mess with the First Amendment.

What we really like is how Wednesday's front-page graphics mirror the KingCast video podcast graphics, and that's proper: No matter where you look, my team was the first to put podcast legal video online, using actual First Amendment courtroom footage of a Civil Rights advocate and (wrongly) accused felon no less. Pshaw.

As noted with the Nashua School Board's final unanimous vote in our favor to change the First Amendment speech restrictions,
"When it comes to the First Amendment, I take no prisoners."

So as to this headline feature story, we're honored, we're thrilled, and we are equally honored and thrilled to be doing other brilliant legal things we won't discuss in public.