05 January 2007

Nashua's WSMN 1590 blog features Nashua School Board content-based First Amendment public comment restriction.

Board Member Sandra Ziehm told me this morning that she appeared on WSMN 1590 Jennifer Horn's daily show yesterday with Alderman Fred Teeboom and Mayor Bernie Streeter to address the viewpoint/content-based First Amendment speech restrictions. My update from yesterday, including City Attorney Stephen Bennett's 5-page supporting opinion, and a direct email to Acting Superintendent Chris Hottel, appears here; and I am about to be in touch with Reporter Horn (website) but she is in studio at the moment. It is good to know that there are responsible members of the Fourth Estate, in addition to the Nashua Telegraph, which wrote this editorial supporting the KingCast position. Stay, ummm.... tuned.

Update: We just spoke. More on this later. Also, a point of clarification is in the comments section.


Christopher King said...

Ms. Ziehm informs that the Mayor was on before me her, and she does not know if he spoke on the first amendment. Alderman Teeboom called in to comment that Mr. Hottel, unless specifically directed to do so by the BOE, should not have authorized that second opinion.

In my opinion, any request for further opinion after Attorney Bennett issued his opinion should have received approval from the Board, which should be noted in the record.

So it's no secret that if I attend Monday's meeting I'm going to ask about that, and what the timeframe is for resolution of this matter.

Obviously, a lawsuit alleging violations of the Federal and New Hampshire Constitutions would expedite things, but again -- for the fourth or fifth time -- I am trying to work with the board and counsel, and not against them.

Obviously, Attorney Bennett has seen the light so now I wait to see what develops next, but imagine a lawsuit, will you?

Obviously I win on Summary Judgment because Attorney Bennett already said the speech restriction violates the Constitution.


Christopher King said...

I was on Ms. Horn's show three (3) times. Each time I was the consummate professional and I know she valued my opinions.

I am dismayed that she seems to be distancing herself from the Franconia shooting tragedy issues (see last paragraph) because they involve a breach of the public trust and major First Amendment issues as dozens of North Country citizens tried to petition Chief Montminy and the Franconia Selectmen for redress vis a vis one Norman Bruce McKay.

Christopher King said...

Ahhhh, but back to Ms. Horn, it appears that she is not the typical turncoat. In fact, she is not a turncoat at all.

We have spoken, she is following the case and everything is All Good.

Good Deal.