30 January 2007

Nashua School Board votes unanimously with Christopher King against First Amendment speech restrictions.

I figured last night's vote would be a Good One after the policy committee unanimously agreed with me earlier this month that the content/viewpoint-based public comment restrictions were Unconstitutional.

It is a victory for the First Amendment, the only Amendment necessary to enjoy the breadth of the others that comprise the Bill of Rights. As such, this story will become the centerpiece of KingCast.net as my team provides a video podcast Internet Civics Lesson. Telegraph reporter Michael Brindley correctly quoted me
"When it comes to the First Amendment, I take no prisoners."

That's why another First Amendment issue involving Aldermanic speech restrictions was immediately removed during the pendency of the School Board case after Alderman Teeboom and I conferenced and I shared my former client Jerry Doyle's/case.

In the end, Board member and Attorney Dennis Hogan again thanked me for my hard work, professionalism and civility, and I thanked him for his earnest participation as well. And a note of special thanks to Nashua Telegraph for having the guts to say something about it when other newspapers in my life have bailed. And to Board member Tom Vaughan, who stopped by for blogologue with me, and to Board member Sandra Ziehm, the first one to speak out against the policy.

But the biggest thanks goes to my family and Mother Ann, whose first husband was a lawyer, and who implored me to "keep on keepin' on, Son." As the license plate says, It's really all about Fair Play and Civil Rights, and it's All Good.

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