13 January 2007

Nashua School Board panel sides with Christopher King and the First Amendment.

Take a look. Ding, dong, the restrictive First Amendment speech policy is almost dead. Meanwhile, time to catch the Fung Wah to fetch Lucky Number 7. Given their track record, I should probably wear my motorcycle helmet :)

What's not in todays lead headline Telegraph story is that I congratulated the Board/Committee for carrying forward the Spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King, welcoming in a black man from Cleveland Heights, Ohio into one of the whitest states in the Union to forge public policy with him. It might seem like a nightmare at times, I told them, but in actuality it is part of the Dream.

"Dissent is difficult," said Board and panel member Tom Vaughan, with whom I have had good blogologue, noted herein. Indeed it is, but not impossible, I told him yesterday.

Also, Ms. Johnson (who has also been a Board Member, Alderman and State Rep.) publicly thanked me for coming forward when seeing an injustice in our community. It was our first meeting, but certainly will not be our last. She too, has Good Spirit.


Christopher King said...

What I just emailed the Board and various media:

We can set the tone for the rest of the country, and affirm our City as an integral piece of the machinery that comprises the "Live Free or Die" State.

Obviously, I believe that the Policy Committee, having been imbued with the collective legal opinions from Attorney Bennett, Attorney Hogan and me, has unanimously made the Right Choice.

Happy Holiday to all,

-Christopher King, J.D.

The Ghost of Tom Joad said...

Umm, think they still have to run the school system, and with the increase in ad hominem ax grinding they can expect at meetings now, their are going to have their hands full. You know as well as I they would be letting the people of Nashua down if they put this responsibility behind the spoken word tour. Sure, not as much pooh nanny, but that is beside the point. Its on you. Now keep on keepin on, get in that new used vehicle of yours and spread your word everywhere.

Christopher King said...

From former Board of Education member, Former Alderman-at-Large and Former Rep. for the State of NH Paula Johnson:

Hi Chris,

Thank you so much for professional opinion and hard work in correcting this 1st amendment right issue with the BOE. I greatly appreciate it. I know in the future the community will benefit from this change in the BOE policy.

Stay tuned for that word spreading, because as I've intimated, things in California are about to get Big.

But loose lips sink ships.


Christopher King said...

Oh, and from Alderman Teeboom:


I listened with rapt attention when Chris King, addressing the Nashua school board Policy Committee, opened with the following (paraphrased) statement, "I am a black man, sitting in the whitest state in the union, addressing an all-white school board, on Marthin Luther King Day, talking about freedom of speech. I am living The Dream. You are living The Dream."

Mr. King, you are giving ultimate tribute to Martin Luther King, not with just taking a day off, but by truly acting in his spirit.

Fred Teeboom