19 January 2007

Nashua Alderman Teeboom & KingCast eliminate another free speech First Amendment problem, courtesy of Jerry L. Doyle.

At the recent Nashua policy committee meeting where said comittee unanimously agreed with Paula Johnson, Sandra Ziehm, Fred Teeboom and me to excise the unlawful content-based prior restraint clause, another issue was raised: Whether the Aldermanic sign up sheet was Unconstitutional as well, as it forbids people from naming specific individuals when addressing them in public fora.

Mr. Teeboom and I conferenced on the matter and I shared with him in detail the Jerry Doyle case I initiated Back in the Day, which is squarely on point. Shortly thereafter (as in yesterday) Board President David Rootovich informs that the restriction has been properly stricken as noted in the comments. Nashua continues to forge new ground in yet another victory for the First Amendment without a lawsuit, putting them light years ahead of Columbus, Ohio.

Thereby proving that when City Hall is reasonable, you don't have to fight it :)


Christopher King said...

President Rootovich:

I much appreciate your removal of the offensive sentence restricting public speech, "Comments made about specific individuals will not be permitted," from both aldermanic Public Comment sign-up sheets, effective immediately.

Fred S. Teeboom

Christopher King said...

And here's what I said in a global email with the subject head:

"Teeboom shows integrity of promise on Aldermanic speech restrictions."


And congratulations are in order to Mr. Rootovich as well, for doing the right thing. I paid the price for being a vigorous Civil Rights and First Amendment advocate in Columbus, so when city leaders act responsibly I give them credit as due.


-Christopher King, J.D.