12 January 2007

KingCast wishes a happy and reflective Martin Luther King weekend.

As one can see, I've always believed in the dream; that's why the picture of "the meeting" may be viewed in the short film "Live Revolution," at KingCast.


plez... said...

Growing up in the North by parents from the South during the 1960's and 1970's, Martin Luther King, Jr. came second to only Jesus Christ. May the memory of the Greatest American (can you name one man who stood and died for more than MLK?) forever be the model and the standard for equality for which we should all strive in this country.

Christopher King said...

Indeed, and that's why I try to live the Dream every day.


"What's not in todays lead headline Telegraph story is that I congratulated the Board/Committee for carrying forward the Spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King, welcoming in a black man from Cleveland Heights, Ohio into one of the whitest states in the Union to forge public policy with him. It might seem like a nightmare at times, I told them, but in actuality it is part of the Dream."

And let's not forget the value of Malcolm X, as he grew his personhood immensely post Mecca; truly a Man for the World.