23 January 2007

KingCast presents: The SAAB videos.

I still prefer BMWs generally but I will never forget when the SAAB 99 Turbo hit the road. The comfort, midrange speed and the sounds it made were something out of this World, even though the 99 EMS could totally run with it in the city. I pinned a Turbo on my deskboard next to Sheila E and waited.

Still waiting for Sheila E. but whatever :) While Olds had the F-85 Jetfire and Chevy had the Corvair Monza back in the 60's and BMW had the 2002tii Turbo in the early 70's the modern era of turbocharging was led by SAAB all the way. Too bad the tranny is the Achilles' heel of the 99 and 900; otherwise superb vehicles. It simply was not designed for the kind of boost my G-Force geek friends and I put on them so you need a reman unit, ideally.

Here's a crazy video page with more videos about SAABs than anyone needs to see, but the early stuff is kind of interesting and I also enjoyed the '79 and '80 stuff; you've even got Bjorn Borg and Vitas Gerulaitis (RIP) playing tennis (Wimbledon '77) in there. Nice.

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