11 January 2007

KingCast presents Nashua School Board public comment vis a vis Rosenfeld v. New Jersey, 408 U.S. 901 (1972)

When I gained Jerry Doyle the right to speak before Columbus City Council by suing for him after nearly a year of unlawful denials, I ran the case of Rosenfeld v. New Jersey, 408 U.S. 901 (1972). While I do not condone the use of profanities at public government meetings, i.e. M....F.... that Rosenfeld used, even that is Constitutionally protected. My client had called City Councilors a "bunch of niggers," to make his point that he didn't want the City to pay for police protection for the KKK. I guess they heard him loud and clear, and decided not to hear him again for about a year. You can learn more about that in KingCast short film, "American Lawyer I."

In any event, I believe that Nashua School Board member and Attorney Dennis Hogan, who appeared with me on Jennifer Horn's talk show Wednesday, is doing the right thing in working with me, and I told him I look forward to meeting with the Board tomorrow at the 2:00 policy meeting, foregoing a lawsuit as noted in this post.

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