31 January 2007

KingCast presents: Meet the (First Amendment) Fokkers for Black History Month.

Looking for evidence of continued racial harmony and commitment to civic duty from the town that made black and baseball history with Holman Stadium? Alderman Fred Teeboom and I have got your Ebony and Ivory right here, as noted in yesterday's post addressing the reversal of content/viewpoint based public comment restrictions at the Nashua School Board, and in today's Nashua Telegraph feature piece, in which Reporter Al McKeon notes:
“Dissent is not what it used to be,” Teeboom said Tuesday in an hour-long interview at City Hall. King sat to his right at a meeting room table, and the pair discussed the First Amendment with an ease that suggested they’ve worked together for years.

“We made it possible for other people to come forward,” King said Tuesday, a day after the board overturned the policy. “We protected the rights of people who didn’t know they needed protecting.”

We don't have the Hollywood/NY power of the other Fokkers (yes, De Niro is a favorite; classmate Molly Shannon opens 'Analyze This' with Billy Crystal), and we don't own our own film festival in Tribeca, but my team will be out in the community -- as I have been since 1995 -- raising funds to make this endeavor the focal point of KingCast videos. It is a prescriptive model and civics lesson on how to successfully petition government for redress.
To Teeboom, 68, and King, 41, their advocacy represented another fight in the larger war to win back liberties they say have sharply eroded over the years, particularly after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

This also makes a worthy prologue for James O'Brien's finished manuscript (1/2).


Anonymous said...

Hell yes, nice work Chris!


christopher_king said...

Hey thanks Danielle. Great to know you're out there following. I found out through another Alderman the other day that there are more people watching than I thought =^.)

Let's have a bevvy soon.



Gary Hogeboom said...

I Googled Teeboom. Looks to be around the bend. You are in good company. Love the homeboy pose from Mr. "T". Props.

Christopher King said...

You know, I was gonna' wear my blingy-bling and just tell the reporter, "I pity the foo who mess with the First Amendment...."

Your props have been duly noted for the record, and moved into evidence, counselor!

Melissa said...

Chris - We've never met but I'm a local (Nashua) area attorney and I've been following your story and your blog since I moved to the area. I wanted to express my support and admiration for you and say "Way to go!"

Christopher King said...

Hey Melissa, you rock, too! Thanks for the support. I'll be in touch.

Are you a one or two-planker? I did two when I was a kid but just one now. You may have noted some Wildcat pics


....but none taken recently enough to satisfy me. I need to hit the slopes, soon. And I have a strange but true story of how I missed Ani DiFranco on my birthday several years ago despite holding tickets.

Keep on keepin' on, Sister.

Christopher King said...

PS: If you have not done so, read my favorite law book of all time, James S. Kunen's "How Can You Defend Those People?"

Too cool for words.


Anonymous said...

Nice work Chris, but remember; beware allies of convenience, especially those who, under certain circumstances would stick a dagger DEEP into your back. I know, it worked this time, but this is also giving good press to someone that thinks people with disabilities are fairly useless to society...

Christopher King said...

I don't know of whom you speak when you mention backstabbing; it happened to me as mentioned in the Telegraph piece.

Everyone on my team has in some way demonstrated their personal and professional integrity

Please advise.