07 January 2007

KingCast presents: Lucky Number 7.

And herein witness SAAB Number 7, a nice '89 Classic 900 Turbo that was originally delivered in Spain. It's no BMW, nor is it as nice as the '88 Convertible, but it will suit me just fine for now as I keep on keepin' on.

It is nicer than the '89 Convertible, which had rust issues underneath, as did the '89 SPG -- both of which were well-boosted "tweaked" Mustang/911 killers on a nice cool day :)


Grissom said...

How many miles on that beast? Looks like a SAAB we used to get high and speed along the Merritt Parkway back in the day, there may be a roach or two in the rear seats, along with some DNA.

Speaking of, which muse are you shacking with these days, John Shaft?

Christopher King said...

123K, most of it in Europe and Texas before it was owned by the couple I'm buying it from, so I'll prolly miss your DNA.

Further libidinous disscussions will not be had, something about the Fifth Amendment.


Anonymous said...

I got your note on my car today...what do you want?

Anonymous said...

New Blogger is confusing have to sign in anonymous until I figure this out:

Anyway, I was just chillin' and of course used to own an SPG like yours.

I work down the road from you at Lexx Restaurant sometimes so I figured we could talk SAAB sometime.

Also, a tennis buddy of mine I recently met is selling his '87 900T Conv. it is very nice and he is building a 400hp SPG.