30 January 2007

King, Ayotte agree on First Amendment medical protections.

Nashua Telegraph reporter Michael Brindley noted in today's Telegraph story on the overturn of restrictive First Amendment policies at the Nashua School Board that "When it comes to the First Amendment I take no prisoners."

But unlike political speech, commercial speech interests may be widely proscribed in the face of any important governmental interest.

In a crucial case pending before Federal Court Judge Paul Barbadoro, data mining companies IMS Health and Verispan LLC seek to overturn a privacy law introducted by Nashua State Rep. Cindy Rosenwald that grants privacy rights to doctors over their medical prescription information. NH AG Kelly Ayotte supports the law. The entire country should be watching this case because the companies contend that the data is not protected free speech. I do not know if the First Amendment privacy concerns of the patients is an issue as well, but what I do know is that the less access these companies have to such information, the better: The World is fast-becoming one large pool of chemical warfare against its citizens by bad food and overprescription of drugs, anyway.

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