21 January 2007

Former Jaffrey Chief Martin Dunn tries to get sued again.

A concerned member of the community sent me a copy of the 14 September 2006 Peterborough Transcript, wherein the Good Chief (correctly fired, according to former NH AG and Superior Court Judge John P. Arnold) actually claims:

"[King] was found guilty of practicing law without a license."

That's news to me, Chief. Where? When? What was the predicate conduct? What was the sentence? Any fines? Orders of restitution?

As readers of this blawg are aware, this is hardly the first time Chief Dunn has uttered materially false things about me; perhaps this is the time I need to teach him a lesson about it: See, my first Defamation claim against him was dismissed only because I couldn't afford his Deposition transcript. I have a copy of that transcript now, however, thanks to a ORDER by Judge Arnold, and it's nasty -- absolutly horrible for Marty as he laughs on the record about me possibly being gang-raped in prison before all the charges against me as NAACP legal chair were properly dismissed.

Now I am off to demand a correction from the paper and file a formal complaint with the Anti-Defamation League, who has been quite interested in Jaffrey last year as noted herein.

It's a Good Thing government in Nashua is a great deal more professional than he is; I am able to work with them to craft new First Amendment policies like this.


Christopher King said...

So with an attachment of the offending comment, I asked Chief Dunn's lawyer the following question:


Dear Attorney Bauer:

Will you or your firm be representing Chief Dunn in the event of a lawsuit for his patently incorrect statement that I was convicted for practicing law without a license?

If I do not hear from you at this email address by the close of business, Friday, 26 January 2007, I will assume that you are not representing him.

Thank you in advance for your timely and professional response.

Very truly yours,

Christopher King, J.D.


Christopher King said...

I have had enough of this man's lies and hatred, which I have documented. He made these comments that were patently false out of outright malice and with actual knowledge of the false nature of his claims.

Here's my email this morning to the Peterborough Transcript and the Anti-Defamation League:


Dear Transcript and ADL management:

1. I hereby demand an immediate correction, which I would have provided if I had been contacted for the offending story.

2. I hereby file a formal complaint against Chief Dunn.

I will be in touch with both of you shortly.

Best regards,

Christopher King, J.D.