25 January 2007

Fired Jaffrey Chief Dunn's lawyer Charlie Bauer abuses legal process by threatening Christopher King with arrest pursuant to RSA 644.

Enough about SAABs and back to Chief Dunn, who really should learn to keep my name from falling out of his mouth. In fact, one of his Attorneys, Charlie Bauer told me when I was NAACP Legal Chair in December 2004 "The first thing I'm going to tell my client is to keep his mouth shut."

Now Attorney Bauer has client control problems in a Major Way.

As noted in this post, the still-fired former Jaffrey Police Chief intentionally and maliciously lied to the media and said that I was "guilty of practicing law without a license." As noted by this 12 December 2006 Voluntary Non-Suit and Superior Court Rule 161(b)(2) as noted in this post, that's bullshit, so I sent an email courtesy copy of this obviously professional Demand Letter, noting that a tracked U.S. Mail copy would be coming to Attorneys Andru Volinsky and also Charlie Bauer (seen not shaking my hand at the end of this 5 minute video "Advocacy in Action, Then and Now."
Burdened with facts he can't stand and law on my side, Bauer threatened me with RSA 644-4, and demanding only U.S. Mail communications, as if a public citizen doesn't have a First Amendment Right to Petition the government, by and through a government official's last-known attorneys, for redress.

I'll say this: I will give them another week to think things over, but I set the terms of this dialogue, not them. And to hell with their bogus, harrassing threats, which apply only when "....the communication is not for a lawful purpose or constitutionally protected." Given their refusal to address the substantive issues raised, the next letter they get from me will be a lawsuit; we'll put 12 in a box and rock it.

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Here's what MassCops had to say about Dunn (i.e. "slime-bag" before they removed the thread from their server), and here's a letter to the Peterborough Transcript from local resident Joanne Correia specifically lamenting Dunn's "freedom of speech," and noting that she was circulating a Petition to get him out of office.


Christopher King said...

FWIW the Settlement Agreement contained absolutely no admission of liability, but basically said "Don't use Esq. in your name."

Which is fine, because I hadn't used "Esq." when I wrote the Willie Toney Demand Letter to Chief Dunn in the first place.

I signed it, "Christopher King, J.D." which is perfectly legal per the terms of my Agreement with NH AG Kelly Ayotte.


Anonymous said...

RSA 644:8 Cruelty to Animals?


Christopher King said...

I don't know if that would be a lesser included offense or not, but they went after 644 (I)(f), which as I've noted, only applies if an offensive communication is done when

"[such] communication is not for a lawful purpose or constitutionally protected."

So the threat to me is unlawful on not one, but two counts.


Slick Rick said...

that last clause is an affirmative defense according to the case law, I beleive.

Christopher King said...

True that; that's why I'm not sending any more emails because I don't want them engaging in any subterfuge nonsense to take us away from my allegation that fired Chief Dunn committed a Defamatory Act.

They will face this case straight up, no chaser.