25 January 2007

A dubious rape charge in Hartford targets black men instead of Duke privileged boys, so no one cares.

I agree with fellow legal bloggers over at Crime and Federalism that Prosecutor Nifong is a race-baiting, evidence-hiding creep, and that the rape accuser seems to be lying about a whole lot of things. It's pathetic and ruins more legitimate claims of rape or sexual abuse.

But meanwhile, where is the outrage that the white woman in Hartford recently lied about being raped by a large, Dangerous Black Man, in the same manner as Charles Stuart lied about his pregnant wife being shot by another Dangerous Black Man in New England, causing Civil Liberties in the minority community to be (further) suspended while the police searched the streets for this presumedly Black Villain?

As a "Dangerous Black Man" myself (see the American Tower videos in American Lawyer II and III at KingCast), I must say this Country is still a long way from fully actualizing The Dream held by Dr. Martin Luther King.

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Anonymous said...

Didn't the activists in Durham, NC, want nothing but media attention, though? They held vigils, potbanging marches, Take Back the Night marches, etc., outside the lacrosse house. Maybe that's why the attention. There were no vigils or potbangers against the accused in the Connecticut case.