18 January 2007

Dr. Rosa Smith and Christopher King agree on saving Black Boys.

This compelling piece was written by Dr. Rosa Smith, former Columbus Public Schools Superintendent as published in the American School Board Journal. I would agree because while all children in today's society are at some risk, the statistics clearly show that black boys are particularly at risk.

But I obviously care about all children; this video from Justiceforkids taken in part during her tenure as Columbus Superintendent results from me demanding to know what action was being taken for my white client whose nose was broken by sandlot bullies, some time well before a black girl was gang-raped in another Columbus School. In fact, look for Dr. Smith sitting in between my friend Loretta Heard (RIP) and U.S. Congressional hopeful Mary Jo Kilroy as Ms. Heard gives Ms. Kilroy a thorough dressing-down for threatening to arrest us.

Read what I just wrote Dr. Smith about Nashua School Board and the First Amendment Speech restriction vote in the comments.



Christopher King said...

To all,

Please note that school districts throughout the United States are developing and maintaining open forums for public participation. The Nashua, NH public school board's policy committee unanimously agrees with my contention that viewpoint and content-based restrictions during public comment is Unconstitutional.


I am fortunate to be on the leading edge of this activity, as I was in Columbus, Ohio nearly ten (10) years ago during Dr. Smith's tenure.


In fact, the direct link for the video from that timeframe is right here in the first Justiceforkids video. In this post, Ohio State University Professor of History Mark Grimsley calls it "fascinating."

I think you will, too.


Peace and best wishes for a safe and open New Year.

Christopher King, J.D.

Anonymous said...

To christopher king : Yes i will be contacting you about what going on with the education in virginia hampton and read this site 757matureperson on www.blackplanet I was looking into getting the right education since i was young and i was woundering what is going on with people that dont wont to see black children get the right education ? it is very easy to explain people that do that is evil, in trying to a improve children you are a good black man and i hope that black man and a black woman and white man and white woman would learn from you.

To Dr. rosa smith : You let me learn alot about a black woman. A Black woman will fight for children rights, a black woman will stand tall for children educational rights, a black woman will be able to see the light of the day light and shall i say more ? but you are very special to me, becouse you fight for children educational rights and that whats you call a Black woman.

The video tape : The video tape was very special to me, becouse it tell you how some people act underpressure, It is very strange to see as a people of the image of GOD still acted like they cant give all humans beings educational rights. If you was a black man and a black woman, would you wont to be treated to be able to get the right education, for you can be educated ? and would you think you would be hurt if you could not get the right education ? white racist person and white racist woman needs to explain why they hurt little black children education and what did black children do to you ? to label them mental retardation ?

Mental Retardation : People done try to keep me lable mental retardation, for about 18 years and i have talked to black people and white people Dr. Rosa Smith and Christopher King and some of them acted afraid and some them acted racist and that black and white both and they are following the rules of what GOD OF JUSTICE A GOD OF GOOD WONTS THEM TO DO AND WHAT GOD WONT THEM TO DO IS TREAT THOES HOW YOU WONT THEM TO BE TREATED.


Hampton virginia public schools : I had went into a meeting with the school in hampton virginia and they joked at me and joked about the case of my label being mental retardation and then they said you are not mental retardation and they said ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha there was manly 4 white woman and they most had demons inside of them and they need to get down on the floor and pray to GOD for they will see the light and do good for all children education and stop being racist and this system in hampton virginia are getting really racist and they sit down and joke in your face they have no pride about good education for black children the couple of times i been to many of meetings.i am in 10th and 9th grade and i hope they get good and do there jobs as a education person in special education.

Also look at www.humanrightsradio.org

To white people : i try to get my education and i am trying now to get the right education, if you have a understainding and a good understainding you would be able to get all children the right education and change them iep and even get a diffrent iep that will help black children (Black Males) to ensure education, for they can be intelligent and help get into privet schools.

To christopeher king and Dr Rosa Smith and white people : The leaders stand tall and i look up to people like you, you really make me smile for what you are doing to improve Black Males education and to all white that are also help in education stay up a leader role and stand strong.

+ i will be speaking to yall also and read that site on 757matureperson on www.blackplanet.com

too Virginia hampton : black people and white people get the education right and also make sure that there are no more racist in the school system that are labeling children mental retardation that are black males becouse they are african american.

Christopher King i will find your number and Dr. Rosa smith i will find your number.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

The image of a Good white man : a image of a woman, should be... be able to see that all children education to be right.

The image of a Good white woman : a image of a woman, should be... be able to see that all children education to be right.

Christopher King : were can i find your number ? and also Dr. Rosa smith number ? i should be able to find yall my number my self dont wurry i will find Your Number i beleave. a GOD OF GOOD GOD OF JUSTICE WILL BE WITH ME.

The past time i look at whites people, liked i was thinking that white people was good people, but these people in special education hampton virginia some of them have been rude to me and label mental retardation and im just tired of people labeling me some thing becouse i am not becouse i am african american and A GOD OF JUSTICE A GOD OF GOOD IS TELLING ME THAT STAND UP FOR YOUR HUMAN RIGHTS AND KNOW A GOD OF GOOD A GOD OF JUSTICE IS TELLING ME TO STAND UP FOR MY RIGHTS. Check out that site 757matureperson on www.blackplanet.com

I am not no bad 18 year old and im tired of racist white people and racist black people afraid of speaking the truth, saying that i am into getting a deploma and also going to college.

On The Bible Ear Tickled

All these people that are racist has there ear tickled, they will listen to lies and these lie can make a person racist and make them hate a child becouse of there color in school read on the bible and all of good and wont to learn read that page 757matureperson on www.blackplanet.com

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Virginia hampton public schools
in special education.....

The problem -} is the iep for black males, The problem that the system in virginia in hampton in special education are not doing there jobs to get Black Males the right education.

Why are they doing this to black males in virginia hampton ? why are they doing this ? labeling them mental retardation and they are not mental retardation.

Iep test : get them iep test right for black males in virginia hampton becouse the iep are false from black males, becouse i am not know mental retardation and never was mental retardation and school board member are afriad to do some thing about them i beleave and (white woman 4 ) of them joked about them and one more joked about it (mental retardation label) and this one work in head of in virginia in special education.

Anonymous said...

for black males i mean.

Anonymous said...

Ear tickled and yes also some people that are good, can have the ear tickled and listen to false lies and also they need to understain use your mind and look a blackperson and white person and make sure they good and they wont to do good.

Ear tickled person listen to a evil person, evil person give the ear tickled person what they wont to hear but they will be re verse the role they will say good is evil and evil is good to confuse the ear tickled person to do evil to other good people

Anonymous said...


This is the last slavery and the last slavery is for african american is education, From the start they knew they had one more slavery to inslave black people (manly black males) if they could input a slavery inside blacks they had one more soloution and that soloution is mental retardation for black male.

To (a) to label a black male mental retardation and then try to rape the black woman for there personal likeing, that is the act of a new slavery for black males, they will try to (b)to be tell the mother and father that there children is mental retardation (the black male) on the youngest son and then make the oldest brother of the family not think of the youngest brother and just wurry about his self that is acted of slavery in the mind of the family that the evil people use for killing the children educational minds and it is a side that we should never wont to see.

The life in the mind of people that is nuts there self for labeling children mental retardation that is stupid and yall should not be into a school that your gona be racist on black males and see what christopher king is doiing and dr. rosa smith is standing up for children educational and that i hope virginia in hampton special education center stop being racist on young black males for to brain wash them to un indenpendent.

The time is to come of the realness and the smartness and we dont not wont to see our children get label mental retardation and it is time to change that evil people plain, that these so could schools are putting down to hurt our children education, The black males education.

You could never called your self a school, if you label these children what they are not.

GOD is lookening at them acteding evil to black males and they should stop this crime ! now ! in the school system in virginia hampton also.

Anonymous said...


humanrightsradio people are fake, so do not cheack them out ! ok check these guy site 757matureperson on black planet, he speak about blacks, african american, man and woman about the last slavery and about special education labeling black males mental retardation. He is very smart and intelligent it seem and i guess he is beefing with humanright radio people on beef

Anonymous said...

im 18 i wrote this up here i have learned alot from 757matureperson site and i guessed he teached me about being a proud black man, thats why i wrote this on here and i going for my college degree and im going to pass.

For 757matureperson to talk about the mental retardation problem, on his site teach me to be a great black man and to stand up for my rights as a black man.

i wrote what i have learn on his site, some of it when i wrote up here.

Anonymous said...

Many answers, need to be answered, from many of the schools, that false label children period. African American, do you know your history, and who you are as a African American. The teaching from tommorrow, or yesterday, will give you some answers, but, what will give a standard answer ? you have to research what is going and pay attention of who you are, and what you wont to be able to have in life, don't not listen to lies, some wrong people in some school system may put on you lies becouse you are african american, (you know who you are) don't not let liers take you away from your full good potential in life, study the the Bible find the answers who has a ear let him hear. Did you know in histroy some people had said that Jesus Christ African American color or dark skin research history. What is funny is becouse some people like to put false lies on good people. In which you may think, why would they ? lie but some people in school system do idiot foolish things becouse of what color you have and that is racist, and that is total racist and i would not be a racist on any person, but i would not like what a person would do if they was a racist, becouse it is wrong to be racist. We need to wise up, becouse some people like to lie, and do wrong to people. Jesus Christ did not wont people to be racist, Jesus Christ wonted people to do right to each other. Jehovah is on the Bible, read the bible if you wont to know truth.

Anonymous said...

You have to really research for the truth, and the key is the iq test. The result of many lies could be used by a false iq testing, and that is a point, so what we have to do is as a educator, is to learn the facts about education, and one of facts is the iq testing. The iq test is used for labeling. The iq test could be used for false labeling African American, if they are around racist people in a education system, and that is a fact. I have research, on a site (you can go on google and wright mother calls iq test racist and you can read what it says on the site and also wright on google if you wont to research about iq test bias on African American wright larry p vs riles on google). And what it had said on mother calls iq test racist, a black with a 70 iq is within normal bounds and very diffrent from that of a white with a 70 iq, who is usually functionally retarded. And they had went to court (on the west side) in California about iq testing on African American becouse the iq test was scoreing African American retarded giving 70iq score and they had banned the iq test in California becouse the iq test was bias on African American. And which i still don't understain why they still have the same iq test, in Virginia, becouse the iq test, is still being bias on African American.

Anonymous said...

Color is some times a confuse issue of the problem, but for use as a example of false staff members that wont race to dislike each other in the schools, around each other. We have to love each other don't you see, each one of us most be able to treat a person right.

Justice is Justice a person should have a equal opportunity to have justice and a school staff should not be able to use false labeling on any person no matter the race.

The mental retardation or should i say the inferior label, is issued as a trying result for African American (boys) from some of the school systems in hampton virginia becouse of racist school staff, uncle toms liers, and for money but look around you becouse all you see in special education in public school in hampton virginia is mostly African American.

Getting into history : back in the day. The schools use to have a black only school and a white only school but, why did they have this type of school ? it's a racist issue, educational issue and a freedom issue and a good and bad issue.The race issue is that there are good blacks and whites wonted to be in the same, equal, in a good school system with each other i repeat the good ones.

In History Inferior part was made to make african american, not get education about the love of there color, the love of there hair, the love of education, the love of relation ships. The racist used this as a tool, to keep a race not happy and not to have equal rights.

into race (Mental Retardation equal to (Inferior) in a basic conclusion. Every body should know, nobody should be label what they are not and that is the bottom line. The racist tryed to used this as a tool to try to make sure, the African American (boys) does not improve there education by use'ing false labeling lies on african american (boys). The conclusion is in history when African American got freedom, they still had to provide a discent living, a discent pay. To provide a discent living but, as freedom goes you have to improve your educational proformance.

so mental retardation was used as a tool for African American (boys) for to say they was inferior what do you think ?

Iq test biased on African American (boys) what do you think ?

Anonymous said...

Hmm....... ok smart facts about what is going on with the label mental retardation in the hampton virginia school system in special education.

The intelligent way of the matter is a issue that has to be resulted by these issues i beleave streagth, education of self, realness and truthness. And i beleave that if some one (in the schools) false labels a person mental retardation just becouse they are african american does not wont them to have a equal education that of a European person. You have to have a path of truth as a person (African American or European and other races) and you have to be able to know God and be able to understain the truth, and justice. A educator or a iq test doer that gives any one a false label just becouse there color is African American or becouse iq test is bias has done evil plain and simple. Why would you not say any thing about the iq test is bias as a educator ? thats a issue that i don't understain from some school systems that would try to label a person mental retardation just becouse of there color being (African American) now that is just evil plain and simple.

A person that is good does good no matter of what color they have. As a people we most understain the truth. Thats how a educated person has to be, to treat a person as a equal.

Anonymous said...

Wow good point on your information about whats going on, sad on how corrupt school staff, do wrong or evil corrupt school staff do to African American just becouse of there color or becouse of how good they are going to be in life. To do good to a person no matter of the color is great, smart, good, justice, right.

I will listen to Jesus Christ my self i know jesus christ wonted people to be equal also and do right not wrong to people no matter of there color do right, good to a person no matter of there color also i know GOD wonted people to do good to each other.

Anonymous said...

I think a lession is need to be learn. In a system which some call it, they have some that think they can do any thing as long as they can get away with it, even if it is very wrong to do.

= (Movie is going to be told i beleave myself about bias iq test on African American).

And i think that it is a story (movie) that needs to be told, about how corruptness can happen in the school systems also if no one does not do any thing about corruptness in schools, some one that is corrupt might say well lets make money ! becouse no one is doing any thing about us and it seems like the system is letting us do this corruptness, that makes them think that they have a right to put false lies on African American becouse that makes them think they have a right becouse the system is not stoping them from doing wrong.

(This needs to stop, (stop bias iq test on African American). But also i think later on there going to be a movie, about African American and the bias iq test on African American boys after some one stands up and stop corrupt people from labeling children with a bias iq test just becouse there color (is African American).

Anonymous said...

Apologize that's not on the Bible ear tickled.

Anonymous said...

I apologize that is not on the Bible ear tickled.