22 January 2007

Christopher King issues Demand Letter to former Jaffrey Chief Dunn by and through his known attorneys Bauer and Volinsky.

As a former AAG, I believe that no citizen should ever have to put up with abusive law enforcement, as noted in this post.

Here's the Demand Letter, and Superior Court Rule 161(b)(2), which was not invoked in my NAACP Legal Chair/Unlicensed Practice of Law case, which was properly dismissed.


Anonymous said...

You are a joke... no one cares that much about you! Stop embezzling and posing as an attorney and you won't have to worry about people saying shit about you

Christopher King said...

Ummmm....thanks for stopping by to show your ignorance.

Obviously the Nashua School Board, various Aldermen and a respected radio talk show host don't think I'm a joke; I help them change First Amendment policies:


As far as "embezzling" and "posing as an attorney," you sound like Chief Dunn, making a lot of accusations without any substance behind them.


Christopher King said...

Funny in the 7 years since I stopped practicing law, only with regard to now fired Chief Dunn have I had a problem like this.

Peace again.

Christopher King said...

Here comes the response; a threat to cease and desist emailing, even though everyone emails these days and electronic communications are encouraged by the courts:


Mr. King:

This is to notify you, pursuant to NH RSA 644:4, I (f), that you are not to communicate by email with the Ransmeier & Spellman Law Firm; or any individual at the Law Firm, including but not limited to, Charles Bauer; Kelley McCormick; Noreen Griffin; Joe Ransmeier; John Ransmeier; Sue Metzler. We received 3 unsolicited emails from you on Sunday, Jan., 21, 2007 at 3:15 p.m.; Monday, Jan. 22, 2007 at 7:54 a.m.; and Monday, Jan., 22, 2007 at 6:35 p.m. We do not desire any further commutations from you by email. If you must communicate with me, do so by letter via U.S. mail. Thank you.

Charles P. Bauer
Ransmeier & Spellman, P.C.
1 Capitol Street, P.O. Box 600 Concord, NH 03302-0600

Christopher King said...

Funny, notice how Attorney Bauer's email address is listed in his signature!!!

Wonder what happens if I telephone him -- which I will only do with a witness present, of course.

Will he have me arrested or what?

Stay tuned.

Mr. McFeeley said...

Sounds like a good move Chris, given all the controversy over lost emails and the like in your past disputes. It will avoid that and ensure that your communications are preserved for the record.

Maybe you can TP his house if you want to agitate "Me No Shakem Hand" Bauer.

Christopher King said...

True that, but note that he has no right to invoke 644 because there is nothing threatening or unlawful about that Demand Letter -- which is also sent via tracked U.S. Mail.

Since when is a courtesy copy a Bad Thing, particularly as courts are encouraging the use of electronic communications?