26 January 2007

Chief Dunn's Settlement Negotiations in black and white.

I have read the Complaint and see that Mr. King has never been found guilty of practicing law without a license, as Defendant, fired Jaffrey Chief Dunn claimed in the September 14 Peterborough Transcript. The pleadings, including Deposition transcript materials also indicate that Chief Dunn has on prior occasion laughed on record about the possibility of Mr. King being gang raped in prison before some other charges he had on him were dismissed, and I also see where Chief Dunn has claimed that Mr. King, as NAACP Legal Redress Chair, had not read these police reports prior to sending a Demand Letter to Chief Dunn about Willie Toney facing 3 drawn police guns and a visual body cavity search for..... loitering, is that correct Mr. King.

King: Correct, Your Honor.

Court: Well have the parties attempted to resolve the matter through extrajudicial means?

King: Absolutely Your Honor. I emailed a courtesy copy of this Demand Letter and followed up with a U.S. Mail copy as indicated.

Court: And did you reject a reasonable counter offer, or what, Mr. King?

King: No, Your Honor, his attorneys threatened me with criminal sanctions under RSA 644-4 (I)(f), even though the communication is for a lawful purpose and constitutionally protected.....[Parody, but this is precisely how it should proceed, given the Facts and Law. Stay tuned.]

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