09 January 2007

Another Nashua School Board member agrees with Christopher King against First Amendment restrictions.

At last night's meeting (see the Ultimatum post) I finished explaining the conditions under which I would sue the Board for its viewpoint/content-based First Amendment Speech restrictions that City Attorney Bennett concurs violate the United States Constitution. Board member Sandra Ziehm again thanked me and agreed that immediate action was necessary. Then Board member Michael Cleamons challenged me to court and stated that Constitutional Law is ever-changing. He cited Plessy v. Ferguson/Brown v. Board, prayer in public schools and dress code restrictions. I find those arguments less-than-compelling because all of the decisional law is actually going in my favor, not his. I was ready to sue. Then Board member and Attorney Dennis Hogan saved the day:
"Those are mighty big words for someone who's not on the policy committee.....I've reviewed the matter and I think that Mr. King ends up being right.... I would not rush out to test Mr. Cleamons just yet."

Thereby preventing a lawsuit. I will be involved in the upcoming policy meetings this month, and I'm applying for readmittance to the Ohio Bar soon as well, buoyed by the activity in this case in particular. As noted here by my former boss Terry Gilbert, and in KingCast.net, this is my calling.

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