14 January 2007

Another KingCast First Amendment battle to remember on Martin Luther King Holiday weekend, seen in "LawyerMan."

My team has just updated KingCast as we prepare to refocus it on the Nashua School Board's viewpoint & content-based public comment policy that runs afoul of the First Amendment according to the Policy Committee unanimous vote.
In fact, we are aware of no other court in the Country that has rejected a challenge to the Constitutionality of such provisions where there is only one opportunity to come before a board.

Meanwhile, I took time to watch one of the existing eight short films, specifically "LawyerMan," in which I open my mail in real time and discuss the First Amendment fight -- led by First Amendment advocates Orr & Reno -- to prevent me from posting Deposition Transcript testimony on my blawg.

"What are they trying to hide," I ask, incredulously.

The First Amendment prevailed in that battle, you bet.
Dr. King would be proud.

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