15 December 2006

Nashua Telegraph supports the First Amendment, Christopher King, school board member Ziehm and Alderman Teeboom vs. public comment speech restriction.

Holy cow. When I wrote the strident "laying down the law" blawg entry this morning I had no idea that the Nashua Telegraph editorial board had issued this editorial, soundly backing our position. Talk about prescience; and read the front page Sunday story on the issue earlier this week.

It should be a no-brainer, but it wasn't in Columbus, as this post about my former friend, former school board president and almost-elected U.S. Congressional candidate Mary Jo Kilroy illustrates, with video.

In New Hampshire, the "Live Free or Die" state, I went though a personal and professional hell on another First Amendment issue from my tenure as legal chair of the area NAACP, involving a man who faced 3 drawn police guns and a body cavity search, for loitering. I stood my ground and prevailed earlier this year. Now this. See, given the front page story in the Telegraph last week, it is obvious that I, as a wrongly-accused felon, mere blogger and man pending readmission to the Bar, made a difference in public policy -- and that is something that most bloggers only dream about. I am truly blessed.

Family matriarch Mother Ann, to whom this blawg is dedicated -- would be proud: Her first husband was a lawyer.

Here's a quote from an old friend I received this morning:
Congrats back on beating the rap. Good for you for standing up and taking action for what you believe in, despite the sacrifice. You do what most people are unwilling to do.

Related post & case: The case that led the way is contemplated by Columbus Alive's 1999 feature on my client Jerry L. Doyle, for whom I initiated his winning Federal case in 2000 on a virtually identical issue.

Related cases: West Virginia, Oklahoma.

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Christopher King said...

An educator in Manchester actually wrote Alderman Teeboom to suggest that he "has too much time on his hands" to waste with this issue.

Alderman Teeboom then sent him a copy of the First Amendment study that was mentioned in the Nashua Telegraph some time ago, as noted in this blawg.


Here is what I wrote to that individual:

Dear Sir:

[Having read the Telegraph editorial] are you still of the opinion that Mr. Teeboom has not earned your respect?

Are you still of the opinion that Mr. Teeboom has too much time on his hands?

Well if so, send me an email explaining why and I will publish it on my blawg -- just as I published the opinion of the Telegraph, with which I agree. See, I'll give you equal time on this blawg even though I have absolutely no obligation to do so -- which is more than I can say for the Board, which indeed has an obligation to do so.