13 December 2006

Nashua School Board member Tom Vaughan and Christopher King blog about First Amendment restrictions.

School Board member Tom Vaughan contacted me right here, at Chris King's 1st Amendment Page, to discuss pending matters as noted most recently in this omnibus post, containing links to most of my other posts on the Julia Earl situation vis a vis board restrictions against any public comment speech concerning school board administrative or personnel-related problems. Read the comments section to these two/posts to see what I wanted to talk about, what I was denied the right to talk about, and how it all pans out. I believe I am 100% in the right, and a Constitutional challenge to the restrictions would be successful. Meanwhile, I am waiting on City Attorney Stephen Bennett, who last week promised his opinion would issue in short order.

I love this exchange: This is precisely the sort of principled dialogue that this blawg was designed to facilitate; the sort of dialogue that is outlawed at the school board.

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Related story: I am a former G-Man (Ohio AAG's office '92-'95) who tries to help government do the right thing, such as the time CNN and Pulitzer-Prize winning writer Mike Royko showed up in Columbus in '96 to contemplate the craziest tattoo case ever: The issue was exactly how my former boss, Betty Montgomery, could be ORDERING our client, 8-Ball Tattoo, to provide a tattoo to a man deep in the clutches of HIV positivity, who who had a previously-administered tattoo that was not healing properly. Read paras. 3-4 of this entry to find that the state eventually adopted a physician consent standard that our client and I had lobbied for, ab initio.

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