15 December 2006

KingCast, Tom Vaughan lay down the Law of the Land at Nashua School Board meetings.

Going into the weekend, this is my update on the public comment First Amendment restrictions at the Nashua, NH School Board that bar any public comment about personnel problems. Unbelievable, but true. As noted in the comments sections of this post involving dialogue (blogologue?) between Board member Tom Vaughan and me, this is what I believe the law of the land will be when I approach that podium on Monday evening, as I wrote him in the above link:
"...[W]ho determines what is harrassive, I might ask? And that would be a time/place/manner issue, not grounds for a total bar. In other words, if a speaker delivers scathing commentary in a cordial and genteel manner, the board has no recourse to stop said speaker if s/he is directly addressing an issue of public concern. That's the Law."

In the following paragraph you can read exactly what I need to say -- in a cordial and genteel manner -- to the Board at its Monday meeting about (discharged?) Superintendent Julia Earl's personnel problem as countenanced by Michael Brindley's front page Sunday Nashua Telegraph story.

Note: All of this will be on KingCast and Justiceforkids soon for review by the World public.

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