30 December 2006

KingCast says Happy New Year and gives a top-10 year in review.

1. Created my signature post recognizing Mother Ann and my family as role models.
2. Prevailed on a bogus felony extortion charge by a nasty police chief and his prosecutor, watching them get fired and hastily resign under ethics charges, respectively.
3. Received Kudos from Daily Kos, NH Indy Media and a well-respected New Hampshire educator and his family.
4. With Alderman Fred Teeboom and Board member Sandra Ziehm, helped alter public policy on a pressing content-based, prior restraint First Amendment public comment issue at Nashua Public Schools, garnering the agreement of the Nashua Telegraph's editorial board and City Attorney Stephen Bennett. Received kudos from Nashua Board President Kim Shaw for my professionalism and level of discourse. Front page Telegraph stories no. 1 and 2.
5. Watched American Tower Corp. continue its deceitful ways.
6. Helped get KingCast and Justiceforkids up and running.
7. Boston writer James O'Brien completes his manuscript.
8. Explained the voice of this blawg.
9. Realized the value of embracing impermanence.
10. Wrote a better brief than Peter Kirsanow for my father, a 37-year employee of the former Diamond Alkali Company.
11. Bonus. My first commercial spot.


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Happy New Year, Chris... keep fighting the good fight!

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