11 December 2006

KingCast presents: NAACP leaders pro and con.

Last week I provided substantial support to NAACP Legal Defense Fund lawyer Ted Shaw for his vigorous support of voluntary desegregation in public schools. This week I point out some questionable activity on the part of Silicon Valley NAACP President Rick Callender; Here's another take on it.

As for me, I'm no criminal: Just a hard-working First Amendment Civil Rights advocate, as this front page Telegraph story explains.

Anyway, this is a difficult piece to write because I know Rick Callender has done things to take a stand in the community -- and he is friends with one of my favorite rappers, E40, who is finally getting the commerical success he's deserved for years -- see Wickipedia. Sadly, I also am privy to other information I mention in the comments section, the depths of which I am not about to delve into on this blawg.

Related story: Police mess with Rick Callender.

Whatever the case, NAACP CEO Bruce Gordon stands by his man, at least for now:


Christopher King said...

Reporters are reviewing this matter right now, and for good reason:

The attempts that some members of the NAACP have used to discredit me and a certain individual in the Silicon branch are heinous.

Both of us are earnest, hard-working Civil Rights advocates, and in the modern era, in the age of the Internet, we will address these issues until our names are cleared and the wrongdoers identified.


Christopher King said...

On a related note, Nashua NAACP President Timmons and I continue our truce:


I saw her this morning; she was recently rear-ended by a reckless driver but is feeling better.

She also congratulated me on the First Amendment School Board issue:


...as noted in this post.