17 December 2006

KingCast; Christopher King prepare First Amendment speech to Nashua School Board on public comment restrictions.

In 1992 as founder of the Education Coalition we spoke with white children in Geauga County about the First Amendment and the value of education. In 1997 I spoke to more children in Columbus, Ohio, receiving commendation on MLK Day.

Tomorrow I will address the Nashua, New Hampshire School Board regarding the same issues, as part of the ongoing struggle to address the Julia Earl superintendent mess (terminated a half-year and $65,000.00 ago on paid administrative leave), vis a vis the overbroad, viewpoint-based prior restraint First Amendment speech ban she initiated against anyone wishing to publicly discuss comment on "administrative and personnel-related problems."

I'm still formulating it -- I'll be doing that all evening -- but if my skillset and first presentation on 4 December '06 is any indication, it will be a stirring moment. Both will soon be featured on KingCast and Justiceforkids.

As far as positing a strong First Amendment position, I sincerely hope that the board won't call the police on me, as they did in Columbus (which Board member Loretta Heard said had racial implications) or issue a bogus criminal indictment, as they did in Jaffrey.

The difference between Nashua, Jaffrey and Columbus?
In Nashua I've got an Alderman and a school board member backing the effort, and a newspaper that had the chutzpah to speak up in support of the First Amendment, as last week's Nashua Telegraph Editorial and front page Sunday stories indicate. Columbus had a strong independent newspaper, as noted by the Columbus Alive 1999 feature on my client, Jerry L. Doyle, who won a Federal speech lawsuit on this very issue that I initiated, but then they got bought by the major paper. As a former journalist, I know how that goes.

On a related note, I am giving a copy of Charles Barkley's second book, "Who's Afraid of a Large Black Man," edited by my cousin, to someone who has befriended me in a major way over the past several months. Samuel Jackson's entry is the most intriguing so far, but I love what U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas told Mike and Chuck:
"Don't let anyone trivialize your agenda.... you can't sharpen a knife without friction."

I have this to say to Sir Charles:
You don't have to be a large black man for some elements of society to hate you. You can be a relatively small black man, or any man or woman with large ideas about the First Amendment, and find yourself reviled quicker than you can snatch a rebound. Similarly, watch the clowns at American Tower call me a "Dangerous Black Man" in "American Lawyer #II and III" at KingCast.net, and maybe one day we can trade hoops/tennis lessons. BTW, your commercial with Dwayne Wade is hootlarious.

When you are a man of Chuck's statute you can have Wilbon write your book. When you are a lesser-acclaimed man you get it done with a grassroots writer like Boston's James O'Brien, whose first draft manuscript is due in 10 days. But any way you do it, you do it to the best of your ability and hold your head high.

Viva the First Amendment.

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Christopher King said...

What I emailed the board,my biographer, my film maker and Attorneys Bennett and Flygare:

[My speech tomorrow evening] will be quite compelling.


First you take speech away from people under the cover of darkness in the late evening hours, at the close of municipal meetings. Then you take it away during the early eveing. Then you take it during the day and lastly, you take it away altogether.

I'll be enclosing the September Telegraph First Amendment editorial as well, cautioning adults and children about unnecessary encroachments against our Fundamental, Inalienable Rights as citizens of the United States.

We might be in a time of war, but that war has nothing to do with Julia Earl so you can't proscribe any speech at a board meeting relative to her.

Google "Pentagon Papers" and "Ellsberg" if you have any questions.

Very truly yours,

Christopher King, J.D.