21 December 2006

Justiceforkids.net says Tyshea Stewart was raped and is still missing in Ohio.

Columbus Public Schools have on prior occasion covered up gang rape. I recommend the unlawfully (Nashua Telegraph editorial/City Attorney opinion) speech-restrictive Nashua School Board listen to the audio post in that first link in full. Now KingCast affiliates at Justiceforkids.net are alleging that the establishment there is covering up the rape and disappearance of Tyshea Stewart, who was taken from her family and separated from her sister by Franklin County Children's Services. Here is the Attorney General's office report on that situation, and here is the JFK press release. Read the comments from WSYX Channel 6 reporter Maria Durant in this post, and appreciate this excerpt from the press release:
Clearly, Maria Durant along with her news station was interested in the story. Two interviews were conducted with the grandmother Sheila Stewart, footage of Ms. Stewart was taken, and P.A.S.S. provided supportive factual evidence to support the allegations made by Ms. Stewart regarding the abuse, neglect and isolation of her grandchildren by individuals within FCCS. However, Maria Durant, indicated Channel Six News decided to kill the story completely when Prosecutor Ron O'Brien stated "Tyshea Stewart" said she was not raped..... It appears Prosecutor Ron O'Brien was holding a personal grudge against Ms. Kent and her advocacy group for filing a complaint with the Ohio Disciplinary Counsel on October 11, 2005 on behalf of four elderly P.A.S.S. parent/clients and their children against not only him, but his Assistant Prosecutor David Buchman, which is still in the hands of the Ohio Disciplinary Counsel.

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