15 December 2006

Crime and Federalism's discussion on blacks and crime.

This week's pot bust, netting millions of dollars of illicit drugs (6,700 marijuana plants worth $24 million) went down in posh, almost exclusively white neighborhoods. Obviously, the poor folks who distribute these drugs down the food chain conduct their business in more urban areas where crime is more visible and the police patrol more vigorously so they get caught more often. Duh. But don't tell that to Mr. Zarkov, who wrote in and believes that blacks are -- get this -- more genetically prone to comit crime. For a deeply compelling read, check the 30 comments that follow at Crime and Federalism.

Related link: What Crime and Federalism owners said about this blawg. Coincidentally, an old friend of mine caught up with me via email and had this to say about my First Amendment stand in Jaffrey:
Congrats back on beating the rap. Good for you for standing up and taking action for what you believe it, despite the sacrifice. You do what most people are unwilling to do.

Soon there will be more video about the First Amendment public comment speech restrictions as noted herein, where Nashua School Board member Tom Vaughan wrote in to this blawg. There's another board meeting on Monday. Stay tuned.

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