06 December 2006

Christopher King discusses the voice of this blawg.

First this quote from Daily Kos:
"What first drew me to King was his sense of humor, and that really unlocked his whole style of writing for me. I am just very glad his case was dismissed. To this day, one of my greatest nightmares is being in court and having Christopher King on the other side."

I would like to take this opportunity to refer newbies (and older readers) to my signature post with Mother Ann. In so doing I will note that once you remove a bogus indictment against me as NAACP legal redress chair, and once you remove a bogus unauthorized practice of law case against me, within days you have professional people in Nashua recognizing my commitment to social justice and general professionalism:

See this post relating to First Amendment speech restrictions in Nashua Public Schools, and recognize that Alderman Teeboom is hardly the only one to send me kudos for my spirit and professionalism. I've kept the other comments to myself for now, for future use in the Board situation, or for when I petition the Ohio Supreme Court for readmittance as a licensed attorney, which is more about the money than anything else at this point.

Do I regret some of the mean-spirited things I've said? In some ways, yes. But I've never said I was perfect: My biographer, Boston-based writer James O'Brien said that period of this blawg is a very dark and ugly place for him to spend time in, and as noted in this Daily Kos diarist's entry entitled "Congratulations Christopher King," it's awfully easy to second-guess someone's actions when the armchair quarterback is not the one being persecuted:
Those whose lives are lived 'beneath the radar,' devoid of the mind-blowing shock of outrageous selection for violation of basic human rights, can never understand what it is to undergo an ordeal such as the one that was inflicted upon Christopher King.

When those who have the power invested in them by virtue of being elected, or appointed to, positions of public trust choose to carry out a vendetta against one (such as Christopher King) who demands to be treated with respect and within the confines of the law, but who rubs the institutional feathers the wrong way, it is all too common that those of us who live our lives in comfort choose to turn away, too fat and lazy to come to the aid of a fellow human being who, by the very act of standing up for his own human rights, stands up for us all.

Truth of the matter, all I ever wanted to do was discuss First Amendment issues like the Patriot Act (see the very first post), some/sports, and BMWs. Now I can do that.

PS:Viva Wildcat!

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Christopher King said...

Now school board members and I can engage in meaningful dialogue on First Amendment public access restrictions in Nashua, New Hampshire: