26 November 2006

Sun rises for NAACP legal chair Christopher King; sets for groom Sean Bell and his families in NYC.

There will not be any new entries on this blawg relative to my attempts as NAACP legal chair to seek redress for a young man who faced 3 drawn police guns and a visual body cavity search for loitering. Hell I was just trying to make sure this sort of thing never happened. I will, however, be following the case of Sean Bell's fatal shooting at the hands of police, while wondering why his groomsmen (also shot by the police) were handcuffed to their hospital beds, apparently without a warrant.

I'm certain people will try to vilify Reverend Al Sharpton as he attempts to get to the bottom of this. They tried to vilify me in New Hampshire, too -- with bogus Felony Extortion charges and bogus Unauthorized Practice of Law charges, both of which were dismissed prior to trial.

As I noted in the previous post, the sun rose for me at precisely the same time it permanently descended for Sean Bell, his bride and their respective families. May the investigation be thorough, and may he rest in peace -- same as I wish for NH Officer Michael Griggs, apparently murdered in the line of duty.


Related Issue: Mr. Bell and his friends may be Crime Victims. I don't know if NY has a Crime Victims' statute as Ohio does (update: it does but caps lawyer fees at a paltry $1,000.00; I got +twice that in Ohio) where I got my client, Michael Isreal, adjudicated to be a crime victim at the hands of the police in a Driving-While-Black incident on April Fool's Day 1996, as noted herein. Mr. Isreal is the man who sings Negro Spirituals in the KingCast short film, "American Lawyer I" at the acquittal of Columbus, Ohio School Board/City Hall protester Jerry Doyle.

Who is Jerry Doyle? Well I've said a lot about him (and my School Board friends Bill Moss and Loretta Heard, RIP) that you can Google by running their names and mine, but for now I'll let you read this 1999 Columbus Alive feature on Mr. Doyle. You'll never see another story like that again, since the Columbus Dispatch bought them out.

Anyway, I was commended by forward-thinking folks at Columbus Public Schools on Martin Luther King Day for my efforts as a zealous Civil Rights advocate.


Ocean said...

Great post Chris! We need more like you in the community! Kudos to you on your commendation--well deserved, I'm sure!


Christopher King said...

Hey thanks back to you!

I may borrow some of your pics with attribution. And I am always down in CT/NYC so I'll give a holler.

I've been around, I'm around, and I'll always be around, as these vintage/current videos show:


My whole situation has given me a stronger resolve to get affidavits from the lawyers who watched me to through my ordeal, apply to the Ohio Supreme Court and regain my license.

Of course this blawg will be pointedly different, but that's okay, too. I will speak through the Court.