14 November 2006

NH AG Kelly Ayotte vacations with Flava Flav, Reverend Horton Heat, and My Cousin Vinny; contracts motion sickness.

Parody. While Attorney Ayotte and I both ride bicycles, and in fact have mutual friends, I don't think she has hung out with Flava Flav, Reverend Horton Heat or My Cousin Vinny. But I do fully intend to give her a case of motion sickness -- all valid and sustainable motions, mind you -- for the hell she's putting me through. And as I will detail in my next post, the simple fact is that I am 3-0 in employment cases since I started clerking for CP Law Offices and am now 9-1 in First Amendment cases involving the police, 9-4 overall; that's my turf. Just ask Chief Dunn -- if you can find him.

"I remember Flav from his days with Public Enemy when I was in high school," said NH's leading legal lady of Flav, pictured middle, with Night Nurse Sarah and actor Bill Hamel from the American Lawyer series.
"But he's aged really well and shown a lot of maturity. And I must say he packs quite a wallop in his briefs.... First he prevailed on the Motion to Strike my Hearsay evidence, then he filed a Motion for Summary Judgment to which I've yet to respond, and now this Motion for Partial Jury Trial with his Cousin Vinny as seen in the thumbnails, and with Attachments 1a, 1b, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. And I hear he's got a pending subpoena with Reverend Horton Heat for my lead witness, NAACP's Gloria Timmons. I gotta' say I'm a bit woozy from all the action."

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Non Sequitur: Kelly, the U.S. Death Penalty is riddled with racism.

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Christopher King said...

See, all this time, all this taxpayer money, for such a dubious cause.

Meanwhile, everybody forgets about those three (3) police guns that young black man faced, along with his visual body cavity search for loitering -- that the NAACP and Jaffrey Police Chief Dunn conspired to cover up -- instead getting together for a little Indictment party as (still) seen on WMUR the next business day after I sent them this link:


That point will not be lost on a Jury, which is why they will fight my Motion most vigorously.

I say, let the facts be known, right? I mean, they started this thing with their version of the facts on WMUR before millions of people, so why should they be afraid of having just a dozen and two alternates hear it now?

I'll keep you posted.

Yeaaaaaah, Boyeeeee...... we gon' letcha' put a black guy in the game, 'cos now we come to the playoffs.....