13 November 2006

KingCast watches my Cousin Vinny cross-examine Charlie Bauer in NAACP First Amendment case.

Parody. It won't go exactly like this, but it will be close:
Q: You got any bias against me that might cause you to lie?
A: No.
Q: Well didn't you and your client laugh at the prospect of me being gang-raped in prison before the Extortion charges were dismissed?
A: No. Well, okay, I snickered a bit.

Q: You told the Court I failed to respond to your discovery requests, didn't you?
A: Yep.
Q: But all the while you were in receipt of the responses seen at Exhibit A, weren't you?
A: Yep. I just said it to get Judge Lynn mad at you. I was abusing my privilege as a Good Ol' Boy.
Q: And you know Judge Lynn ripped me a new one as seen in the Justiceforkids/KingCast video because of that, right?
A: Yeah, I figured since it didn't look like it would happen in prison I would go for it wherever I could, you little jigga'boo.
Q: And just to be clear, Sir, you never contacted me about any discovery dispute before going to the Court, did you?
A: No, that would have been the professional thing to do, plus I knew you had responded anyway.

Q: And did you in fact receive this email chain, also sent to regional NAACP, noting that I had contacted Attorney Andru Volinsky to represent Willie Toney before I knew that he would be Chief Dunn's suspension attorney?
A: Ummm, yeah.
Q: And are you aware that Chief Dunn -- who is a witness in this case -- never provided such emails as exculpatory evidence in my criminal trial?
A: Ummm, I dunno. Whatcha' talkin' bout Willis. Get it? He's an uppity jigga'boo, too, King.

Q: Yeah, whatever. Sir, did I ever say or write anything to you that indicated I was still a licensed attorney that you can produce today?
A: No, not really.

Thank you. Your Honor, I'm done with this guy.

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Christopher King said...

Where my hecklers at?

Come on in to the trial and heckle there; it will be a great time for all.


Christopher King said...

I see Heckler Bauer is taking a look on his tiny-assed monitor:

Nov 15 2006
12:38:17 9 RanSpell.com
Win XP Explorer
800x600 English

Really Charlie, the KingCast and Justiceforkids movies (including the one where you don't shake my hand) view much better on a nice monitor.

Surely you've got enough money to get one, or has the note on your new Solara convertible kinda' got you in a pinch?

Peace out, dude.