20 November 2006

KingCast says you can fight City Hall, but the more things change.....

11 Oct. 2011 -- Update on Jerry Doyle's physical death... his spirit will keep on keepin' on.

I worked for Jesse Jackson in 1984. I worked for Dick Gephardt in 2004. In between I looked like Buddy Holly (or Elvis Costello) and believed you really could fight City Hall, as indicated by the look on my face in this JPEG'd story from the 1999 Columbus Alive -- which was too old for them to even bother to archive. Here's a bit on Jerry Doyle more recently so we can see what happens to him as he complains about the documented +$200K theft in the Columbus School Board by Sherry Bird Long, which landed her a whopping $40/mo payment plan (1/2/3).

BTW, Jerry and I were right about speech policy in Columbus Board meetings as this case that I initiated resulted in a ruling by even arch-conservative Federal Judge Graham that the Board was in violation of viewpoint-based prior restraint principles of law.

NOTE from 2011: Very interesting how certain key documents of mine vanish from the Internet. The complete story from Columbus Alive is now.... gone. I will check for hard copies.

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Christopher King said...

Current Columbus Alive Editor-in-Chief Brian Lindamood shot the pics for that 1999 story; you can see the photo credit in fact.

I think he went to California shortly thereafter, only to return to Columbus.

I hope Brian does a follow up.

I hope the Dispatch encourages him to do so, but I won't hold my breath, having worked at a true alternative newspaper myself (Cleveland Edition, now Free Times) and for a statewide black-owned weekly (Call & Post) and for a large daily (Indy Star) my knowledge base about how these things work once you get bought out but the bigguns' tells me it will never happen.

Hence the headline of this entry, get it?

Brian, prove me wrong and I will admit I was wrong, right here on this blawg.