20 November 2006

KingCast and Christopher King thank Mother Ann and chill the blawg.

"Keep on keepin' on, Son," you always told me. Well Mother Ann, that is what I have done, and in this Zen moment I hereby relinquish this blawg for others to ponder and for me to get on with my life again, now that I am essentially free from the wrongful attempts to criminalize me in NH. To recap, those efforts included charging me with Attempted Felony Extortion -- for writing a simple Demand Letter to a police chief regarding an issue of police abuse when I was NH NAACP legal chair. I know that you and your first husband -- as a lawyer -- would appreciate the push for Civil Rights the same way you appreciated looking over my shoulder to hear me read passages from journalist Carl T. Rowan's "Dream Makers Dream Breakers" (story of Thurgood Marshall) at my law school graduation.

Speaking of law school (Case Western '93) Seinfeld got me through it with Jim and Susan Margulies, now donors at Hawken School: Read the "Fair Play" link below. I will never be able to watch the reruns without a sad face after Michael Richards' nigger this, nigger that rant. Discussion about my prior use of the "N-word" is available at this post.

Anyway, I have seen Prosecutor Albrecht hastily resign under an ethics investigation. I have seen Jaffrey Chief Martin Dunn be suspended, asked to leave for $25,000.00 and now he has apparently been fired for cause, according to Judge John P. Arnold. Their case against me was dismissed and I have had most of NH AG Kelly Ayotte's pending Unauthorized Practice of Law case destroyed on hearsay and Civil Procedure failures.

I have made some sort of peace with Nasha NAACP President Gloria Timmons, and have received accolades from Daily Kos, NH Indy Media and friends. Now I am exploring some nice employment options from those who have followed my circumstances and believe in me.

And as noted in this post from earlier today, I (along with Columbus Alive, which is now owned by the Columbus Dispatch) have definitely said a few things about First Amendment protester and activist Jerry Doyle, who continually exposes rampant abuse of trust in Columbus Public schools totalling well over $200K in one instance alone.

James O'Brien's book will be out next year and I've started legal video podcast site KingCast and Justiceforkids with a former administrator of the year, Ms. Kennedy Kent and her husband, James Whitaker -- my 1990's videographer after I was an Ohio AAG. Not bad for the son of cotton-picking negroes from the Dirty South and at 41, I'm just getting started.

I'll keep you posted with any significant developments in the UPL case, but that's about it. It's been quite a ride, even though we're no longer in the little Red Jetta together.

Peace to you in Heaven, and peace for us on This Earth.

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Christopher King said...

See, the Michael Richards thing just irks the daylights out of me, as did the anti-Semetic remarks from Mel Gibson.


I got too many Jewish friends to tolerate that crap:


.....so even if I think some Jewish people are jerks, guess what:

Some people from all walks of life are jerks, but that's no reason to start painting all people of their race/ethnicity/religion with broadstroke contempt and vitriol.


Christopher King said...

As this is a signature post, I might as well explain a bit more about why so much of my voice on this blawg has been angry:

A recent series of news stories in the Keene Sentinel notes that former Jaffrey Chief of Police Martin J. Dunn is upset with the town for allegedly failing to turn over crucial documents to him.

The stories also note that a panel has determined that an ethical conflict exists relative to Jon Sistare's position as town manager and town counsel.

Let's take a look at what Chief Dunn did during the Willie Toney police abuse case, relative to my attempts to gather information from him while I was legal chair of the Southern NH NAACP, shall we?

This is a response I sent to Reporter Freeman Klopott that contains links to documents that substantiate each and every assertion I make:


And if he comes anywhere near me as a witness in the Unlicensed Practice of Law case still pending I am going to nail him with all of this, you bet.


To Reporter Klopott et al (especially to writer James O'Brien) I read with great interest the story where Dunn claims that Jaffrey is withholding information, which I believe was published on 2 Nov. 2006.

Dunn has got to be joking. I suggest you click the links to see that I can back up what I say about him being the most hypocritical, non-professional law enforcement official I have ever met. And having been an AAG and having both represented and sued police in private practice I have met many.

This is the man who never released any of the arrest reports on Willie Toney that I respectfully requested; Willie faxed them to me. Note that Jon Sistare wrote me that "he had everything he needed" to process the request.

Dunn must have given it the kibosh.

This is the man who had hastily-resigned-under-ethics-investigation County Attorney Bill Albrecht refuse to provide (also in violation of Rule 98) the Deposition I took of Dunn wherein he openly laughed about the possibility of my being gang-raped in prison. Read right here the Depo. Testimony.

The Court did eventually order Albrecht and/or Dunn to provide us a copy of that Deposition; that's when I could prove that he laughed about the possibility of me being gang-raped in prison. Ugly. Very very ugly.

When they thought they had me all boxed-up out there this is what Judge Arnold wrote (of course having been duped by Dunn and Albrecht's willful misrepresentations to him):

"...[T]he Court finds that the State's argument that Chief Dunn's Deposition is important to the State's case in light of recent disclosures that [Mr. King] made potentially incriminating statements during the course of the civil deposition compelling. The State shall obtain a transcript of Chief Dunn's deposition at its own expense within 30 days or request an extension for good cause."

Then when they got it, they refused to provide it because all of that was a lie.

Last (at least for now) this is the man who kept a spy file on me in violation of Criminal Rule 98 after writing an email that said he wondered what he would discover about those "five states I moved into and out of," but basically all he found was a hard-working wireless communications zoning/leasing professional.

I told Chief Dunn I was going to give him a First Amendment lesson.

As usual, I didn't lie -- but he did, repeatedly -- even falsely claiming Under Oath he didn't know that I had read the aforementioned police reports before I issued the Demand Letter. Too bad the Demand Letter contains specific references to said reports.

Dunn is done. He's a bad man, in my opinion and he wrecked the past two years of my life with his nonsense; just ask Attorney Horan.