02 November 2006

The element of truth in John Kerry's "botched joke."

Look: As far as Senator John Kerry's ballyhooed "botched joke" is concerned, we have a War President, and a War President needs nothing more than under-educated folks to go fight his wars. Watch the movies right here about that. I've got nothing against those who make a well-informed choice to join the Armed Forces. My Uncle Joe (RIP) was a Brigadier General years ago and my cousin just completed two (2) tours of duty in Iraq. That's good for them, they were both well-educated and they made choices not out of necessity but of their own free will, so I'm sorry, but the Senator's point was not lost on me at all.

You want to see a couple of botched jokes? John Kerry's "botched joke" has got nothing on the botched jokes of NH AG Kelly Ayotte and Jaffrey, NH's Chief Dunn relative to my activities as NAACP Legal Redress Chair to seek redress for a man who faced three (3) drawn police guns and a visual body cavity search for LOITERING, which he beat pro se. I smacked down Chief Dunn and Prosecutor Albrecht on the criminal side, and smacked down 80% of Kelly Ayotte's case in the Unlicensed Practice of Law case.

Tomorrow I may move for Summary Judgment because, as I note in my request for amicus to the ACLU:
"The ACLU needs to send a message that citizens -- especially leaders of Civil Rights organizations or other community groups -- have the right to petition the government for redress on behalf of non-members as long as they do not misrepresent themselves to be licensed attorneys."


Asphinctersayswhat said...

At a minimum, its great entertainment, this Kerry flap. You should take notes.

You would make a helluva suicide bomber. With the zazen influence in your nature, one could envision a Vietnam era self-immolation on the steps of the Cheshire County courthouse.

Anonymous said...

You're might move for summary judgment? You mean, impersonate a licensed attorney, thus bolstering the prosecution's case.

Good thinking.

Christopher King said...

Well folks, representing one's self in a proceeding is not impersonating a licensed attorney.

By that rationale my Motion to Strike the Hearsay documents (which was sustained in case you haven't noticed) would be "impersonating a licensed attorney" as well.


Click on "old statute" in this post regarding the State's ex post facto attempts in this case, which notes that I could even represent someone else under the law:



Or do you need me to explain what "ex post facto" means as well?


And there is hardly any need for any suicides or other histrionics; I just handle my business as required, kicking Chief Dunn and Prosecutor Albrecht's ass, and gutting the State's case in the UPL claim as noted.

Lastly, in case you missed it, I am always very careful about representing anyone in a court of law or other administrative tribunals; I work for licensed attorneys and have never lost an employment case yet, in case you missed that:



Meanwhile, under-educated men and women are dying at record rates in Iraq.


Snaggle Puss said...

Suicide is against the law - that would be one final act they would go after you for! Exit, stage left.

Christopher King said...

That brings up a funny point I was discussing at work yesterday with an IP/First Amendment lawyer, a regular:

I "advised" him if he needed more coffee I should make his cappucino to go, because the cup is larger than the porcelin in-house cup.

Whereupon we both had a good laugh as he read this very blog entry, actually, at the suggestion that NH Kelly Ayotte would come swooping down from the rafters with a full-on SWAT team to nail me for giving legal advice about a commercial exchange and somehow cheating the milk industry:

"This involves interstate commerce everybody stand back!!!" she bellowed into the megaphone, kalashnikov at the ready.


Christopher King said...


And as you said, suicide is indeed against the law, but it is not against the law for under-educated men and women to go to the front lines in Iraq to be slaughtered.

Interesting, that.


Christopher King said...

28 May 2007 update as I go to use this post for JFK's birthday:

To my visitors from this post, thanks for stopping by and showing your care and concern. The cases were all dismissed pursuant to:

1. My filings.
2. My lawyers filings in the criminal case.
3. The lies told under Oath and in the media by now-fired Jaffrey Chief Dunn.
4. The lies told under Oath and in the media by the NAACP.
5. The KingCast cameras, financed by the community-at-large, documenting all of it.

One day we'll actually put together a short film with a bunch of crazy stuff we've documented, in due time, of course. The next investor is just over the horizon.