30 November 2006

Christopher King's Emancipation Proclamation.

In the spirit of moving on with my life, as I noted I would be doing in my signature post, I have accepted NH AG Kelly Ayotte's offer (1, 2) of Voluntary Nonsuit with no finding of liability for Unauthorized Practice of Law for my attempts as NAACP Legal Chair to help Willie Toney. As noted, it is an offer we could have reached just about a year ago, when the case was opened, when I offered to come in and explain everything, as a former AAG to a current AG, in point of fact.

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Christopher King said...

And this just in, a bit of sage advice from U.S. Armed-Forces veteran and educator Uncle John (Mother Ann from my signature post is his Great-Aunt)


He says,

"keep on "truckin," and don't lose focus on your objectives, because the race is not given to the swift or the strong, but he who endureth to the end."


Dear Unk: