16 November 2006

Cheshire County Judge Arnold to Jaffrey Chief Martin Dunn: "Dude... you are so fired!"

We didn't know where he was for a Good While, as he was drawing medical leave, like.... forever, but now we know he is toast. Perhaps his attitude in general, as noted in the bottom of this post, "Civil Rights Conundrum" led to it. Who knows, it's just good that he's gone. One less witness for Kelly Ayotte's "case" against me for Unauthorized Practice of Law, 'yo. He'll get real far in front of this Jury I just requested, right? Methinks he'll be going over like a Led Zeppelin.

Plus, as noted in this Mass Cops forum entry, he couldn't win a case to save his life, including the ones against former Jaffrey Officer Aaron Deboisbriand (whom I believe he fired over a personnel dispute) or me. Hell, for that matter his case against me didn't even make it to trial, 'yo.

He tried to lock me up twice and failed, 'yo.... which in turn led Daily Kos to say: "Congratulations, Mr. King."

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Here we are in our respective elements, in my opinion:


Christopher King said...

And to think that the NAACP's fine black women played political bedfellows with this molester of Justice.

I need a shower just thinking about it.


Christopher King said...

Time for a Request for Judicial Notice of Dunn's termination for misconduct at work.

You can read that one-pager in a very few minutes in the next post.