19 October 2006

KingCast sees Teresian monks sue American Tower for contract breech.

American Tower Corporation, as noted in KingCast movies "American Lawyer II & III" are the dirtiest, sleaziest company with whom I have ever been involved. Apparently the Teresian monks would agree, as noted in today's Boston Globe story noting they believe American Tower reneged on a sales agreement. My job was to administer such agreements, BTW.

Here is the Teresian press release.

Here is Boston writer James O'Brien asking me for more information on ATC to finish his manuscript. I gave it to him, you bet.

According to Paxton, Mass' Landmark News, the Parties entered a Purchase & Sale Agreement (P & S) in 2005, and the Teresians honored their end of the deal, submitting $230K for the land. Courts have found these contracts binding, see generally McCarthy v. Tobin, 429 Mass 84 (1999), quoted just this summer in Targus v. Sherman. See, I am also a licensed title insurance producer and have closed a couple hundred residential loans so I know at least a bit about P & S Agreements =^.)

That's me next to Chairman Jim Taiclet and HR maggot Aileen Torrance, as I am shown receiving the employee of the week award before I narc'd on them for overtime violations and got fired and labeled a "dangerous black man," and they got an ex parte restraining order on me, among other dirty things. They are absolute fuckers, especially Jim Taiclet and even more so Aileen Torrance, who lied during her Deposition when I sued them for Defamation. I have a copy of it, you bet.

This post about the SEC/Department of Justice inquiry into their stock option backdating and attempts to silence opposition to corporate abuse really says it all. I will forward this post to Boston Globe writer Sacha Pfeiffer and to the Teresians so they can see what a bunch of sleazeballs they are up against.

They abused property owners in Texas (where I used to work for Metricom so I know the law there) and also lied to Chief Dunn and told him they needed police to remove me from the premises, so to them I give an unabashed, resounding "FUCK YOU!"

PS: I crushed Chief Dunn's case against me for extortion after I wrote a Demand Letter as NAACP legal redress chair on behalf of a black man who faced 3 drawn police guns and a body cavity search for LOITERING. Dunn and ATC make a good pair of ass clowns, I say.


Christopher King said...

Hey American Tower:

Did you get the "Fuck you" part yet?

Just want to be sure you didn't miss it.

Christopher King said...

So now that I've adequately vented my spleen, let's take a look at the possible Causes of Action:

Promissory Estoppel.
Breach of Contract.
Fraud in the factum.
Suit for specific performance.

That's just off the top of my head; I work about 1,000 feet from the Federal Courthouse though, so I'll be checking the files to the extent that I can to read everything and post it here. It's gone electronic now, though, so common folk have to pay for access to review these documents nowadays, don't you know.

Believe me, ATC's crews assiduously study any and all possible properties before they extend an offer. They may have known about the potential uses of this property for some time; the Teresians will want to order up all the emails and have access to corporate hard drives.

But they best beware that American Tower lawyers -- including the former Mass Bar Association President Richard C. Van Nostrand -- will disobey each and every principle and Rule of Evidence out there; they spoliated emails that I specifically requested on 3 or 4 different occasions. Federal Judge Lindsay let them get away with it:



Kellay Coyotte said...

YOu have over 100 P&S agreements, what does that mean? Could you tell us the little something you know about P&S Agreements? What jurisdiction do you "have" these P&S in, and when did you work with them? Don't worry, it does not really appear that you are you holding yourself out as a non-suspended attorney.

What do those monks do all day, I wonder.

Christopher King said...

A few things:

As noted by the cited case law in Massachusetts, I know that P & S agreements are enforceable.

I have done most of my work in New Hampshire but have done some in Mass and am familiar with the law there as well.

Also, it occurred to me that the case is most likely NOT in Federal Court; initially I was thinking that there was diversity between the parties but they are in the same state and mostly state claims that I can think of.

Lastly, on further review, it appears that another company (already a tenant) may have had the Right of First Refusal to purchase the property from American Tower.

I won my employee of the week award in part because of work I did on Verizon ROFRs in GA; so I know a bit about that, and if I had been the one scrubbing that contract I would have alerted ATC to the issue and they might not be in this mess.

That other company sued ATC as well.

To me, all of them should let it go to the monks; on less act of corporate greed could do the World some Good.


Harry Potter said...