20 October 2006

KingCast notes that American Tower's Teresian monk/ Industrial Communications and Electronics Inc. debacle is comeuppance for firing Christopher King

As noted in yesterday's post on this matter, I was responsible for document review on sales and management leases. But not only was I responsible for it, I was the appointed trainer of all incoming tenant license administrators, including Attorney Ana Phillips. In that role, I assumed the responsibilities of her brother, Ivan Crnilovic and trained her and several others, so we were the ones who put Woburn director (now VP I hear) Yannis Macheras, Esq. on actual notice that we did not appreciate the fact that American Tower was making us send "notice letters" to Texas property owners instead of letters seeking their consent when new tenants were being added to towers. The net effect of that, again, is to reduce the bargaining power of the property owner; duh.

Anyway, the decision to apparently renege on the Tersian deal was certainly above my head, but the the fact that Industrial Communications and Electronics, Inc. had a possessory interest (i.e. a Right of First Refusal) on the property before American Tower sold it would never have slipped past me, and once I notified them of the situation, the offer to sell or P & S Agreement might never have been reached, and those idiots would not be in the trouble they currently face. I didn't make a single material mistake in the 8 months I worked there.

And if you doubt that, just ask former VP Jody Mitchell, who said to the entire Woburn staff moments before this picture was taken
"He is the best ground lease reviewer we've ever had.... if we had more Chris King's we wouldn't be having the difficult times we're having now."

Then listen to her at this 26 Nov. 2005 post, and at KingCast movies "American Lawyer II and III" when she tells the Woburn police I might be dangerous and that I am a "scoundrel" after I exposed them to the Department of Labor. What an asshole she is. It may not sound very Buddhist, (but perhaps it is a perfect Zen) but when I heard she had a nervous breakdown I said "I hope that's not true, but if it is, she got what she deserved."

Ha-ha-ha, American Tower. You reap what you sow.


Gordon Gecco said...

When did you get fired from there? The stock is the cats pajamas over the past three years. They are reaping some cash over there. Stupid dollars. Damn. But for a microwave oven and some leaky pipes, you would have never gone to Jaffrey. You'd have that Saab and your own crib. But you did not compromise yourself. I wonder if you solved anything though. These guys do not seem to be feeling the sting of your jab like Dunn and Slick Willie are. And Gloria and Melanie are walking too. You have got some work to do.

Christopher King said...

That's funny, Gordon, because American Tower used a quote from you in an in-house movie in which they basically forced everyone to participate!

We got a copy of it in discovery.

As far as defeating American Tower, you never do that. I'm content to expose their bullshit and clear my name. See the section, "PS," infra.

Anyway, I just saw Melanie Levesque a few minutes ago, as I am about to post.

She looked evil as always.

PS: The work is all in the book, and the story is the work in itself.


PPS: I'll be more comfortable clerking in NYC than I would have been at ATC, anyway. There they will recognize my talents (as did American Tower) and not treat me like dirt. And pay me a lot more. I notice you mentioned the microwave and leaky pipes, but forget the fax machine, the refrigerator (and my offer to help pick one up on my day off) or the OVERTIME issue on which I was correct:


They can have their money (minus what they paid Attorney Phillips, Devon Sawyer, J.D., Michael Mae, all the other exploited workers and me); it's all bloodsport anyway.


Christopher King said...

Oh, as promised, here is that post on Dear Melanie:



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