31 October 2006

Justiceforkids rips a new movie, "Just for the record."

In another short film that cuts to the bone at Justiceforkids, watch more government officials marginalize America's greatest resource. Ohio State University Professor Grimsley recently asked,
"Why so little protection for children and women?"

The movie is further documentation of the efforts to have James Drennen charged in connection with the assault on two Columbus Public Schoolchildren at West High.

To prepare for the video, listen to the audio of School Board President Terry Boyd hang up on JFK's Kennedy Kent, herself a former Assistant Principal as she calls him for information. Kent personally heard Drennen issue threats to an entire family.

Despite witness statements and statements from the two girls, he's not been charged. Instead, "No Trespass" letters have been issued to Justiceforkids to keep our cameras out of sight, and Prosecutor Steve McIntosh is heard to say:
"Even if we file charges he's not going away for any extended period of time."

So fucking what? Is that some rational basis for not filing a charge when a child suffered a damn concussion?

McIntosh is running for a seat on the Common Pleas bench.

Then the younger rep at the prosecutor's office sums it up in a Go-to-Hell style:
"We could close this door right now and there is nothing you could do about it."

Sadly, it's not just Justiceforkids and KingCast who are complaining: School Board Superintendent Gene Harris recently received an unheralded "No Confidence" vote from her teachers. Take a look.

BTW, JFK informs me that Columbus has now stopped publicly broadcasting the City Hall and School Board meetings entirely. Nice.

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KingCast presents: Halloween one year ago today.....

It was the Halloween "Clash of the Titans!!!" in Hillsborough County Superior Court, as I, former Nashua NAACP legal redress chair and so-called "Coconut-Head racist" took Nashua NAACP President Gloria Timmons' "She Devil's" Deposition. They ended up throwing out the Civil suit for Defamation against her, VP Melanie Levesque and Jaffrey Chief Dunn when I couldn't afford Dunn's Depo., (even though that shouldn't have had any consequence to my case against her) but at least I got her caught up in enough lies that the new, rational Cheshire County Prosecutor decided she was a lying, deceitful witness and abandoned the case of "Attempted Felony Extortion" against me as the outgoing prosecutor stewed on his pending ethics investigation.

John Shaft says, "Civil Rights, baby."

Significantly, and as noted in yesterday's post on NAACP tobacco and telecom payola, citing Shane Goldmacher's California Capitol Weekly News story, the entire NAACP has issues of integrity, mind you, quoting California Black Health Network's Adams-Simms:
"While [tobacco] may be killing African Americans, it is supporting the organizations that are supposedly working for us," she says. "I think it is atrocious that the NAACP's influence can be bought, but I do understand it."

So does Gloria on last year's, today's and every Halloween:

30 October 2006

KingCast welcomes NH Bar Association!

You bet my research indicates that they're taking a look at KingCast.net, Michael Griggs (RIP)/Michael Addison and the application of the Death Penalty, disgraced Cheshire County Prosecutor Bill Albrecht, the First Amendment and other Constitutional issues involving NH AG Kelly Ayotte that we raise.

Oct 30 2006 12:43:44 9 nhbar.org Win XP Explorer 1024x768 English CLINTON, MA USA

"You've got some brass cajones, dude, more power to you," wrote one person a while back commenting on me having the nerve to post what I post. In fact, that's true. But at bottom, it's not that I've got big balls or brass balls. It's simply that I'm right.

Judge Groff agrees in part, at a minimum.


NAACP dirty on tobacco & telecom in California, dirty on Civil Rights in New Hampshire.

Cross post: Nashua Telegraph forums.
Sellout, corporate-interest NAACP "leaders" are nothing new. That's National NAACP president and former Verizon home markets President Bruce Gordon, Gloria Timmons and Melanie Levesque. Those following my saga as former Nashua NAACP legal redress chair will remember I was wrongly indicted for Attempted Felony Extortion (since dismissed) for merely writing a Demand Letter about police abuse, while Nashua, NAACP leaders Timmons (Pres.) and NH House candidate Levesque (VP) got in bed with two nasty white men, Jaffrey NH Police Chief Martin Dunn and Cheshire County Prosecutor Bill Albrecht. Both of these men have been investigated and in some measure sanctioned for conduct in office, as noted herein. These women take their marching orders from BAE, who sponsors the Nashua NAACP website. Hundreds (660) of people are reading what I had to say about Levesque in the Nashua Telegraph Forms here.

Meanwhile, this month's Capitol Weekly story from California by Shane Goldmacher shows that California NAACP president Alice Huffman has been paid $100,000 by a campaign account funded by tobacco giant Philip Morris at the same time that the civil-rights organization is siding with the cigarette-maker in opposing a tobacco-tax on the November ballot. She also has a $12,000.00/month consulting contract with AT&T that she failed to disclose. This is important because as the story continues:
"Philip Morris, the drug industry and AT&T are three of the largest financial backers of the California NAACP. The money illuminates an ongoing debate within the black community about the increasing financial dependence of the nation's pre-eminent civil-rights organization on money from large corporate donors."

Really, I can't say anything more than that except to remind you all out there that I've got much more to say about California NAACP soon, and this is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. I'll be sure to keep Reporter Goldmacher up to speed.

Meanwhile, those of you new to this need to see how Nashua NAACP President Timmons tried to shut down this blawg and my KingCast movies, which include "A Day in Nashua," reflecting her failed attempts to enforce a restraining order on me. The Court's Final Decree noting my First Amendment victory is contained herein. Since when does a Civil Rights leader actually attempt to suppress free speech?

More NAACP/Telecom parallels? Read this post comparing American Tower's VP Jody Mitchell to Timmons. They are indeed the same woman and they both got restraining orders on me because I opened my big fat mouth about abuses. From Mitchell I can almost understand, but not from a black woman who is allegedly the leader of a Civil Rights organization? Wow. Then read yesterday's post about why even Teresian Monks are suing American Tower, and ATC's activities in obtaining a restraining order against me, and watch American Lawyer II and III, showing the travesty at American Tower that the NAACP did nothing about -- not even a letter of support -- even after my lawyer Scott A. Lathrop and I showed that they disproportionately disciplined and fired blacks at the company.

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28 October 2006

American Tower Corporation's HR VP Aileen Torrance shows Teresian Monks, KingCast and Christopher King a glimpse of ATC's corporate culture of lies.

21 May 2012 update: Scroll down to see someone searching her name... she has a law office at 44 Cherry Street, Danvers, MA 01923 and who knows, she could be a good lawyer but I know for FACT she filed a false Affidavit in my case and you can see it below. But because she is part of the establishment being a VP at American Tower the Courts overlook that sort of thing, especially when you've got dirty-assed Tricky Dick Van Nostrand at the helm of your legal defense team. Don't get me started on Van Nostrand and how he waived in Judge Dennis Curran amidst a host of ethical issues.

Boston-based American Tower Corporation sure has seen a lot of litigation lately, including U.S. Department of Labor overtime violation(link reinstated 20 Feb 2011) findings (initiated by former employee Michael Mae and me), U.S. Department of Justice and private inquiries into securities backdating. The $290K fine.... err.... settlement with DOL is here.

These are all as noted in the Teresian Monk postings 1, 2.
And in my letter to former ATC Chairman Steve Dodge.

I sued them for, inter alia, Defamation in 2003 and they violated the terms of my settlement agreement by lying to Jaffrey Chief Dunn by telling him I was removed with police escorts after properly requesting overtime pay in an email I preserved, several weeks after I was employee of the week and Attorney Crnilovic-Phillips and I both got $6K raises for our hard work. Remember, former VP Jody Mitchell said:
"He is the best ground lease reviewer we've ever had.... if we had more Chris King's we wouldn't be having the difficult times we're having now."
Now we come to HR VP and lawyer Aileen/Torrance. I retrieved my Depositions from storage for biographer James O'Brien yesterday and it just about made me throw up last night. After a year in storage I again saw how she lied under Oath about allegedly specific complaints about sexual harrassment made to manager John Coles (his notes specifically indicated otherwise) and how she filed a False Affidavit to obtain a Bogus Restraining Order against me served by a Hillsborough County Sheriff in front of my neighbors in my all-white neighborhood. Small wonder some white folks say "there goes the neighborhood" when black folks move in. In point of fact, the woman I allegedly threatened had Attorney Crnilovic-Phillips, her husband and me all down to her house in NC for Thanksgiving that year and I babysat her children.

The whole thing was a lie to get me out the door. The woman merely told ATC that I said they would pay for it if they fired me for requesting overtime. She felt horrible that ATC turned the words around on her, but see my former boss, Joanne Treschel, Esq. got her the job at ATC, which she quit in part because of how they treated me. You should read her Deposition. I've got it.

Why can't you just "get over it," King?

Well because then American Tower's lies to Chief Dunn about having to have the police remove me from office after I properly requested overtime gave him the cajones to seek the recently-dismissed bogus Felony Extortion Charges against me; those charges in turn begat the still active bogus unlicensed practice of law case by NH AG Kelly Ayotte noted in yesterday's ACLU post.

The ACLU will have this post and related attachments, you bet.

Aileen/Torrance is a slimy fucking animal. Sure she makes a ton of bucks, but she's an asshole who tells lies under Oath and preys on racial stereotypes of a "Dangerous Black Man."
In her soul she's worthless; a cavity that smells of an empty dungbag.
I hope the next time she tries to screw another employee (especially if it be a black male), or the next time she applies for any job they Google her ass and find this/letter to the Mass Bar Association. And if they want more, I'll send them a copy of the Depo. The worst part of this? The Mass Bar Association found no violations of any ethical issues whatsoever.

Related KingCast Video: American Lawyer II and III.

Verizon Internet Services ( 

27 October 2006

KingCast and Christopher King seek assistance from the ACLU against NH AG Kelly Ayotte on NAACP First Amendment case.

Dear Clair Ebel and ACLU Directors and volunteers:
I now come to the ACLU for help. I am a former NH NAACP legal redress chair stuck in a bogus unauthorized practice of law case involving the First Amendment for merely writing this Demand/Letter to Jaffrey Police Chief Dunn. Ironically, I have written substantial portions of the successful ACLU First Amendment Ohio Supreme Court brief in State v. Lessin, 67 Ohio St. 3d 487 (1993) clerking under Terry Gilbert and current Law Professor Kevin O'Neill. Ask Kevin, when my fiancee and I started the "Education Coalition" in 1992 noted in the bottom of this post, we in fact passed ACLU police rights awareness cards to high school students.

The basis for NH AG Kelly Ayotte to come after me, a former Ohio AAG myself?

Well most of it was recently thrown out by NH Superior Court Judge Groff as noted in this 12 Oct. '06 post, noting that the State ignored basic Hearsay principles and rules of civil procedure, but you may read a quick synopsis of it here in the third full paragraph of a recent NH Indy Media article celebrating my success in the criminal venue, where I faced a charge of Attempted Felony Extortion for writing a Demand Letter on behalf of a black man who faced 3 drawn police guns and a visual body cavity search, only to be charged with.... drumroll please.... LOITERING! He beat that charge pro se, then sought help from a law firm who contacted me at NAACP. Read more about the charges being dismissed and Cheshire County Prosecutor Bill Albrecht being investigated for ethics violations in this post.

Fact of the matter is, as noted above in this link I contacted laywers including Andru Volinksy, Andrea Amodeo-Vickery, Gary Braun, and Dawn Caradonna before, during and after issuing the Demand Letter to have them take over the case if it could not be resolved through extrajudicial means.

Fact of the matter is, as noted in this post, that the U.S. High Court has held that what the NAACP does in helping non-members:
1. Is protected by the First Amendment;
2. Is not tantamount to unauthorized practice of law.
The Button Court held, inter alia,
"... the NAACP had a First Amendment right to advise nonmembers and hire attorneys to represent nonmembers, in order to protect rights afforded by the Constitution."

Further, my team has noted in video that even the highest NH Superior Court Judge does not like me or us exercising our First Amendment Rights as he actually decries the fact that bloggers have First Amendment Rights, as noted in this 7 Aug. '06 post.

As such, you can't get any more involved in the First Amendment.

The ACLU needs to send a message that citizens -- especially leaders of Civil Rights organizations or other community groups -- have the right to petition the government for redress on behalf of non-members as long as they do not misrepresent themselves to be licensed attorneys.
And as NAACP President Gloria Timmons admitted under Oath:
1. There is no prohibition in the NAACP bylaws against sending Demand Letters;
2. I did not misrepresent myself as a licensed attorney.

The ACLU has a long history in defending First Amendment Rights of unpopular people, including black ACLU lawyers representing white supremacists. And believe me I am an unpopular person when it comes to most of the government in New Hampshire. Which is all the more reason that you should offer an amicus brief and sit second chair with me as this case approaches trial in January, 2007.

Attorney Gilbert concurs, as noted in this preamble to the first KingCast movie, now seen as "American Lawyer I, II, III."

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration,

Christopher King, J.D. (As signed to Chief Dunn).

KingCast welcomes Lang Dunbar and Blacks Against Blackwell, help smash Diebold/Blackwell voter fraud in Ohio.

As noted in this post containing essential background links to my history covering fat head Ken, my buddy Susan's flash movie is up with their new full-on site "Blacks against blackwell.com" to help guarantee that Ken Blackwell is not elected to office. The site also contains a Plain Dealer editorial by Sam Fullwood, III and just two days ago the Cleveland Scene ran Kevin Hoffman's/story, quoting my boss Terry Gilbert's former adversary (she was Cuyahoga County Prosecutor when I clerked for Terry in the 90's) Stephanie Tubbs-Jones as such:
"His rulings and decisions have had a disproportionate impact on African Americans and other low-income people," says Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones (D-Cleveland), who went so far as to protest the certification of Ohio's vote in 2004.

I attended University of Cincinnati and Xavier several years after fat head Ken, so I knew from personal accounts and my own coverage of him how he just changes his stripes on any given day to get ahead; I'm glad Attorney Jones and I have found some common ground.
So with that matter under control, I'm now going to the ACLU regarding the misguided NH AG Kelly Ayotte's attempts to try to nail me for unauthorized practice of law, when everything I did as NH NAACP legal chair is protected by NAACP v. Button, 371 U.S. 415 (1963). NH Indy Media folks were glad to see me whip the related criminal case for Attempted Felony Extortion, you bet. Honestly, as I just whupped her ass on critical evidentiary matters backing her "case" against me, she needs to pay more attention to this Death Penalty case she's pursuing against an accused cop killer, you bet again, wonk.

25 October 2006

KingCast presents: A big, tall smile from NH Indy Media.

"Hey man, good job. It's amazing that it's all finally over. What came out of this was amazing---it's really frightening to see the horrible underbelly of the small town I grew up in.

Keep us posted on the Albrecht investigation."

PS: No time for hate.

Justice for Kids and KingCast ask: Is County Commissioner and U.S. Congressional hopeful Mary Jo Kilroy covering up sex abuse?

I don't know, but it would fit the pattern of willful ignorance she manifest on prior occasion, as noted in this video when I came a-knockin' 7 years ago to inquire of the Columbus Public School Board's intentions regarding my client's nose, which was broken at school by a bunch of hooligans. Read the comments section for the Justiceforkids letter to Detective Medary.

As I understand it, two girls were removed from their home and taken into Franklin County Childrens' Services' custody a couple years ago after the father allegedly spanked them too hard. One of the girls notified the grandmother that she was being sexually abused. The grandmother went to Commissioner Kilroy exactly a year ago and was even taped on Channel 6, but they have not aired the segment and Kilroy now refused to talk to Justice for Kids. It is my further understanding that Yvette McGee Brown, former Franklin County Common Pleas Judge and President of the Columbus Center for Child Advocacy, has not yet weighed in on the matter but I hope she does. The police refuse to conduct any meaningful inquiry even though it is my understanding that the girl claims she was raped. It is further my understanding that she has not been offered any hospitalization, and that she is not even permitted supervised visitation with family members.

That would be tantamount to slavery and certainly may even constitute a "taking" pursuant to the Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitutional, no?

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Hey KingCast, how come you and Christopher King hate NH AG Kelly Ayotte so much?

First of all, I don't personally hate NH AG Kelly Ayotte. She's a fellow bicyclist for Pete's sake. But what I do hate is the fact that she is wasting NH Taxpayer money by trying to nail me on a bogus case of Unauthorized Practice of Law while completely failing to adhere to Rules of Evidence (Hearsay) and Civil Procedure (Discovery filings) as noted by Judge Groff's Decision in this post. As a former AAG myself, it makes me cringe and I will not let go of it until I prevail -- as I did in the "Attempted Felony Extortion" case against her buddies, the disappearing (but still paid) Jaffrey Chief Martin Dunn and disgraced prosecutor Bill Albrecht, who left under a quite nasty ethics investigation. So then, my friends (and foes) my aim is true and it is entirely reasonable. But who's watching the Detectives, that's the better question.

And even some folks at Daily Kos said it looks like I'm the one who's not so crazy after all. Apparently it was in vogue last year to indict NAACP leaders for exercising their First Amendment Rights.

KingCast and Michael Addison's lawyer ask NH AG Kelly Ayotte: "What if he didn't do it?"

Here's some food for thought:

What if Mike Addison didn't do it?

It's an if -- and a big "if" -- but that's why we have a U.S. Constitution and many States have repealed the Death Penalty. As noted below relative to a bogus prosecution that could have locked me up for seven (7) fucking years, a Defendant is considered innocent until proven guity -- not the converse. I've all but condemmed the man to life in prison myself, but what if someone else there that night killed Michael Briggs? And I have read in the Vermont Rutland Herald that police re-enactments showed an officer pulling another officer by the shoulder, and a quick turn and shot. While that scenario would in no way absolve Mike Addison of all wrongdoing, it certainly militates against application of the Death Penalty, duh. See State v. Huey P. Newton and this actus reus link.

I see both sides of the case, as a former AAG and former criminal defense law clerk and lawyer who has sued and represented police officers (and as someone in NH wrongfully accused of Attempted Felony Extortion). The Extortion charges, BTW were brought up the next business day after I sent this link to Jaffrey Chief Dunn, critical of a cover up regarding 3 drawn police guns and a visual body cavity search of Willie Toney, pursuant to a damn LOITERING charge. Watch my arraignment day press conference with WMUR at KingCast.net.


Here’s a comment or two from Mr. Addison’s Massachusetts Defense Attorney John C. Hayes as seen in today's Union Leader, noting some of the same concerns I noted in this post about the $420,000 allocated to kill a killer.
The defense attorney also was critical of New Hampshire lawmakers' decision last week to increase the Attorney General's Office budget $420,000 to cover the extra costs of prosecuting a capital murder case.
"(They) threw $420,000 at them. That is just beyond anything I can comprehend. Since when is the State House going to assign money to a special criminal prosecution?" Hayes asked. Usually, the prosecutor's office would request extra funds if a case exceeded its budget, he said. "But here somebody in the State House said we're going to grandstand and allocate this money and declare right now that this is going to be a death penalty case. Normally, there is some review, some process. Look at the entire process without the heat, especially when you have somebody with their life on the line," Hayes said.

[Senior AAG] Jeffrey A. Strelzin had no response to Hayes' statements. No final decision will be made on whether Addison will waive or fight rendition to New Hampshire until the Nov. 10 status hearing in Dorchester (Mass.) District Court, Hayes said.

Hayes said he is waiting for prosecutors to provide him with basic evidence that would justify the rendition.

"We don't even know how they identified him as the shooter," Hayes said. "They would have to establish, through photographs and fingerprints, that they have the right guy."

I'll be forwarding this on to Attorney Hayes, natch.

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23 October 2006

NH AG Kelly Ayotte, John Grisham, KingCast and the Death Penalty.

Looks like two Nashua Telegraph stories buttress my concerns about NH AG Kelly Ayotte and the Death Penalty. Those concerns again, include:
"It is a quick, retributive and somewhat natural emotion. However, it costs a ton of taxpayer dollars to enforce. It won't bring the victim back to life and it punishes the family of the perp. Innocent people have been killed. It doesn't deter anyone who is not a criminal from acting in a criminal style and fashion, and it doesn't deter career criminals either because they've already proven that they don't give a shit."

First is Tim Talley's AP story about the new John Grisham non-fiction novel "The Innocent Man," that chronicles the lives of Ron Williamson and Dennis Fritz, which is ironic considering that I clerk for Cleveland lawyer Terry Gilbert, relative to the F. Lee Bailey/Sam Shepard wrongful imprisonment case that spawned "The Fugitive" series. See "Arraignment Press Conference" at KingCast.

Second is the Norma Love's AP story "Briggs shooting reawakens ongoing debate over Death Penalty," in which it is noted that anti-Death Penalty proponent and former State Rep Renny Cushing's father was "gunned down in the doorway of his Hampton home by a [rogue cop] neighbor."

Next to that, Willie Toney's wrongful arrest and three guns to the face and visual body cavity search is small potatoes. But the big stew is New Hampshire's relentless attempts to punish me as former NAACP Legal Redress Chair for lawfully trying to vindicate his Rights.

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21 October 2006

KingCast video podcaster Christopher King defeats U.S. Congressional hopeful Mary Jo Kilroy.

He-heh... even though Daily Kos wants nothing to do with this diary entry about U.S. Congressional hopeful Mary Jo Kilroy's past and how she truncated First Amendment Rights, it's funny that OSU History Professor Mark Grimsley is interested, and besides I did at least beat her once -- using the heavy hand of the State when I was an AAG. If you win your election Mary Jo, may you never forget from whence you came, and endeavor to be more fair to those with whom you have disagreements. Peace.

KingCast asks, "How will NH AG Kelly Ayotte waste $420,000 to prosecute Michael Brigg's alleged killer?"

First I will say this: If Michael Addision is Michael Briggs' killer, and if he is convicted of Murder and upheld on Appeal (that's call Due Process) he should never see the light of day again, Death Penalty or not, as noted in this post.

Here is a web page from the Death Penalty Information Center that includes projected costs and information on racial disparities.

Now however, let's conduct inquiry into the ways in which NH AG Kelly Ayotte has wasted taxpayer monies on prior occasion. I provide estimates here based on public knowledge and my four years' experience as an AAG, (see para. 4) but will soon issue a request for a public accouting.


Kelly Ayotte wasted a ton of NH taxpayer money with my adversary Jaffrey Chief Martin Dunn indicting former Jaffrey officer Aaron Deboisbriand to trial for witness tampering after he told Dunn something he didn't want to hear; they got their asses handed to them in about an hour. On 28 March '06, area police called Dunn a "slime bag" because of this case, actually citing to this blawg! Estimated cost: $35,000.00.

Kelly Ayotte is wasting a ton of NH taxpayer money trying to nail me as former NAACP legal redress chair for unauthorized practice of law, failing to acknowledge Hearsay principles or other requirements for civil procedure as noted in Judge Groff's Decision denying Summary Judgment (1, 2), and Docket Sheet (1, 2). Estimated cost: $20,000.00 and counting.

Kelly Ayotte wasted a ton of NH taxpayer money by taking the time to craft inane responses to my complaints about Chief Dunn. Estimated cost: $5,000.00.

Kelly Ayotte wasted NH taxpayer trust by failing to investigate an instance of wire fraud when someone forged my name to a mortgage, used my notary seal without my permission, and faxed the mortgage off for funding. That's called Wire Fraud.
No estimated cost; I guess she deems this a "victimless crime."


And Kelly Ayotte ignored my request for a comment on the UPL case, and therefore appears inclined to waste more NH taxpayer money by taking my Unauthorized Practice of Law case to trial in January, where I will beat her ass like she stole somethin.' On me alone, that's going to be well over $60,000 of NH taxpayer money she should be spending to bring Briggsy's killer to Justice. [Update: Not necessary; all charges dismissed prior to trial. It was South of $60K but still figuring exact cost to the taxpayers]

As Earth, Wind and Fire would say, That's the way.... of the World:
"A child is born with a heart of gold....The way of the world makes his heart grow cold...."

KingCast says 'hi' to NH State Rep hopeful and liarhead Melanie Levesque.

Yeah, it was funny. The Clydesdale didn't start today for some reason (because it's an old POS, basically) so I took the bus to the library for some wi-fi action. Who should I see on Main Street but Melanie Levesque (389 views). Update 25 Oct: 497 views.

"Good afternoon," I said. It was still morning, but whatever. I get up early every day to deal with idiots, so it felt like afternoon to me. She glared just as she did in this picture, but said nothing, which is probably good considering that all she ever did with respect to me was to fucking/lie about the NAACP policies, anyway.

20 October 2006

KingCast notes that American Tower's Teresian monk/ Industrial Communications and Electronics Inc. debacle is comeuppance for firing Christopher King

As noted in yesterday's post on this matter, I was responsible for document review on sales and management leases. But not only was I responsible for it, I was the appointed trainer of all incoming tenant license administrators, including Attorney Ana Phillips. In that role, I assumed the responsibilities of her brother, Ivan Crnilovic and trained her and several others, so we were the ones who put Woburn director (now VP I hear) Yannis Macheras, Esq. on actual notice that we did not appreciate the fact that American Tower was making us send "notice letters" to Texas property owners instead of letters seeking their consent when new tenants were being added to towers. The net effect of that, again, is to reduce the bargaining power of the property owner; duh.

Anyway, the decision to apparently renege on the Tersian deal was certainly above my head, but the the fact that Industrial Communications and Electronics, Inc. had a possessory interest (i.e. a Right of First Refusal) on the property before American Tower sold it would never have slipped past me, and once I notified them of the situation, the offer to sell or P & S Agreement might never have been reached, and those idiots would not be in the trouble they currently face. I didn't make a single material mistake in the 8 months I worked there.

And if you doubt that, just ask former VP Jody Mitchell, who said to the entire Woburn staff moments before this picture was taken
"He is the best ground lease reviewer we've ever had.... if we had more Chris King's we wouldn't be having the difficult times we're having now."

Then listen to her at this 26 Nov. 2005 post, and at KingCast movies "American Lawyer II and III" when she tells the Woburn police I might be dangerous and that I am a "scoundrel" after I exposed them to the Department of Labor. What an asshole she is. It may not sound very Buddhist, (but perhaps it is a perfect Zen) but when I heard she had a nervous breakdown I said "I hope that's not true, but if it is, she got what she deserved."

Ha-ha-ha, American Tower. You reap what you sow.

19 October 2006

KingCast sees Teresian monks sue American Tower for contract breech.

American Tower Corporation, as noted in KingCast movies "American Lawyer II & III" are the dirtiest, sleaziest company with whom I have ever been involved. Apparently the Teresian monks would agree, as noted in today's Boston Globe story noting they believe American Tower reneged on a sales agreement. My job was to administer such agreements, BTW.

Here is the Teresian press release.

Here is Boston writer James O'Brien asking me for more information on ATC to finish his manuscript. I gave it to him, you bet.

According to Paxton, Mass' Landmark News, the Parties entered a Purchase & Sale Agreement (P & S) in 2005, and the Teresians honored their end of the deal, submitting $230K for the land. Courts have found these contracts binding, see generally McCarthy v. Tobin, 429 Mass 84 (1999), quoted just this summer in Targus v. Sherman. See, I am also a licensed title insurance producer and have closed a couple hundred residential loans so I know at least a bit about P & S Agreements =^.)

That's me next to Chairman Jim Taiclet and HR maggot Aileen Torrance, as I am shown receiving the employee of the week award before I narc'd on them for overtime violations and got fired and labeled a "dangerous black man," and they got an ex parte restraining order on me, among other dirty things. They are absolute fuckers, especially Jim Taiclet and even more so Aileen Torrance, who lied during her Deposition when I sued them for Defamation. I have a copy of it, you bet.

This post about the SEC/Department of Justice inquiry into their stock option backdating and attempts to silence opposition to corporate abuse really says it all. I will forward this post to Boston Globe writer Sacha Pfeiffer and to the Teresians so they can see what a bunch of sleazeballs they are up against.

They abused property owners in Texas (where I used to work for Metricom so I know the law there) and also lied to Chief Dunn and told him they needed police to remove me from the premises, so to them I give an unabashed, resounding "FUCK YOU!"

PS: I crushed Chief Dunn's case against me for extortion after I wrote a Demand Letter as NAACP legal redress chair on behalf of a black man who faced 3 drawn police guns and a body cavity search for LOITERING. Dunn and ATC make a good pair of ass clowns, I say.

18 October 2006

NH AG Kelly Ayotte, Mike Briggs, Mike Addison, Christopher King, KingCast.net, the Death Penalty and the Baldus Study.

As I noted in this 14 Sept. '06 Daily Kos diary entry, "9/11 and the Negative Space," I have always considered a fire fighter to be the most honorable of professions, with a close second being a police officer who would act as a fire fighter without the requisite safety gear. Michael Briggs was just that kind of man, and I remember that fire in 2004 when he did all of that. For reasons noted below, I don't agree that his killer -- whomever it is -- should be killed, but I would expect that s/he be locked away without any chance of parole. S/he will not be a favored inmate but more likely viewed as a fucking coward for shooting a cop whom even ex-cons liked.... as he rode a damn bicycle down the street. But NH AG Kelly Ayotte has just received $420,000.00 dollars to make sure that alleged cop killer Michael "Stix" Addison is killed.

I am not a fan of the Death Penalty, even if someone kills someone I love. That is a quick, retributive and somewhat natural emotion. However, it costs a ton of taxpayer dollars to enforce. It won't bring the victim back to life and it punishes the family of the perp. Innocent people have been killed. It doesn't deter anyone who is not a criminal from acting in a criminal style and fashion, and it doesn't deter career criminals either because they've already proven that they don't give a shit. I mean, really.

And the Baldus Study, cited in McCleskey v. Kemp, 481 U.S. 279 (1987) was recognized by the U.S. Government as showing that when all elements are as equalized as possible, the government will disproportionately seek the Death Penalty against a black man. It is worst for a black man committing an act against a white victim. By comparison, a white perp almost never receives the Death Penalty threat or actual conviction for killing someone black.

New Hampshire has not executed anyone since the year after my father was born, in 1939. How ironic of course that the first person in 67 years fits the Baldus profile to a "T."

It makes KingCast wonder how much taxpayer money Kelly Ayotte has wasted against me, trying to prove that I engaged in the unauthorized practice of law for my activities as an NAACP Legal Redress Chair -- using hearsay evidence and failing to follow the Rules of Civil Procedure, as noted in Judge Groff's Court Entry denying Summary Judgment and striking two crucial Appendices of Ayotte's brief, pursuant to my Motions.


As teased in this post from yesterday, here is the conversation between a certain FBI agent, and his European associate in for the Boston IACP/Conference over a cappucino, a macchiato and a Vietnamese Coffee:

"Nobody likes a cop or a lawyer until they're in trouble," I said. "You guys lead a thankless life, and it's the toughest job in the World... and you're more apt to get shot at than lawyers."

"We all catch our scars," he said with a handshake, after hearing about Chief Dunn's failed vendetta against me. "I can't believe these guys are trying to make me into a cop hater when I come from a law enforcement background as a damn AAG myself," I added. BTW I do not know if Marty attended the Police Chiefs conference himself, but I do know several people who were involved.

Anyway, now that Kelly Ayotte has $420,000.00 to pursue the death penalty against a man who appears to be guilty of killing a cop (regardless, in spite of, despite or because of his colour) perhaps she will come to her senses and realize that the worst thing I ever did was to shoot a cop with a Nikon D70, and watch him bleed out as I splash some spicy haiku in his wounds. Marty, you're just a ghost of a man, your peers call you a slimebag and you can't hold a candle to Mike. Let's see if you show up in January for this trial, where I will curtly remind you and your counsel that bias and candor are always material.

17 October 2006

KingCast says to NH AG Kelly Ayotte and Connie Stratton, Esq: "It's Love-40 ladies, your serve."

It's love-40 ladies. Your letter is in the comments section.

And perhaps Attorney Ayotte should be more concerned about prosecuting real criminals, such as whatever sack of shit apparently murdered a policeman in cold blood in Manchester this week -- a point not lost on a certain FBI agent I was talking with over lunch yesterday near the Police Chiefs convention in Boston, near Fort Point Open Studios. More on this tonight.

Nashua NH schools; Julia Earl take a page from Columbus, Ohio School Board in restricting First Amendment Rights.

Cross post: Telegraph forums.
I read yesterday's Nashua Telegraph story on First Amendment School Board restrictions with a sad heart. Here's a quote regarding the restrictions to eliminate public participation, particularly shocking in the wake of a scandal involving Superintendent Julia Earl's expenditures.
"The change to the board meeting policy took away the ability of audience members to ask questions of board members and talk about personnel issues in public. In an e-mail to school board members, Alderman-at-Large Fred Teeboom said limiting what the public can say during the comment period is a violation of free speech rights."

I've seen all of this before, nearly ten (10) years ago when I practiced Civil Rights law in Columbus, Ohio. Watch the 5 minute short film "Then and Now" at Justiceforkids.net and see how the Columbus School Board -- by and through my former friend and U.S. Congressional hopeful Mary Jo Kilroy -- treated dissenters, and you better recognize that my former client Jerry Doyle's First Amendment case that I initiated was successful for him, in that the Federal Court -- even the arch conservative James L. Graham -- had to agree that the Board was engaged in unlawful viewpoint-based, prior restraint style discrimination. Columbus killed me and the First Amendment.

The Doyle case involved the Board telling dissenters that they couldn't use the names of administrators when issuing a complaint at public sessions involving corruption and abuse, and just this month, OSU History Professor Mark Grimsley describes the "Then and Now" video as "fascinating," and points us to this seminal Daily Kos diary entry also noting $235K Board embezzlement issues, and asks at his blog regarding ongoing abuses, "Why so little protection for children and women?".

Nashua takes a different tack when trying to kill the First Amendment: They just excise (read: ban) public comment altogether, kind of like the South closed all the swimming pools to keep us black folks at bay. Pun fully intended. Only now, they just treat good common white folk as they used to treat black folks, because that's the only way they can maintain the upper hand. It's really quite sad.

So don't shoot (or lynch) the messenger, as Jaffrey Chief Dunn attempted to do, and failed, or as NH AG Kelly Ayotte is attempting to do -- and failing -- regarding my attempts at NAACP Legal Chair to use First Amendment Rights to petition the government for redress for a man who faced 3 drawn police guns and a visual body cavity search. For LOITERING, a charge he beat without a lawyer.

Related Post: Nashua Telegraph's editorial bemoaning student's lack of knowledge of the value and reach of the First Amendment. As a former member of the Mayor's Committee on Ethnic Awareness (until the aforementioned shenanigans with Dunn and Ayotte took away my available time and almost broke my spirit) I am here to help you open the pool for public discourse:

16 October 2006

KingCast woman of the day: Elena Myers.

2011 Update: Told you so.

You hotshot squids think a girl can't ride; Elena will whup your ass but good; like David vs. Goliath, or KingCast vs. NH AG Kelly Ayotte.

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KingCast site of the day: Blacks against Blackwell.

My blogger buddy Susan from Ohio just sent me the link to a nifty flash movie about Ken Blackwell and Dubya. Be sure to take the 6 question quiz at the end. This is the temporary website for blacks-against-blackwell, featuring a compelling editorial by Plain Dealer columnist Sam Fullwood, III. I have blogged about these folks on prior occasion, as I know some of the Principals of the group, and as fathead Ken is integral to the Genesis of KingCast. See 1, 2, 3, 4. The film's opening quote is from none other than Thurgood Marshall that he issued when I was in law school:
"There's no difference between a black snake and a white snake; they'll both bite."

You bet they will, as I have noted when quoting Thurgood myself on prior occasion with respect to today's flaccid NAACP and some of its "leaders" like Nashua NAACP President Gloria Timmons, and area Veep Melanie Levesque. Just remember, whatever those haters had to say about me, as an NAACP Legal Redress Chair having the gumption to send a Demand Letter seeking redress for police abuse and getting indicted for extortion for so doing, I smoked them, Chief Dunn and former Prosecutor Bill Albrecht in Jaffrey & Cheshire County. And I'm smoking them and NH AG Kelly Ayotte in Hillsborough County on the bogus "unauthorized practice of law" case as well. Didn't Kelly learn about hearsay and other rules of evidence and procedure in law school? Apparently not.

15 October 2006

KingCast event and site of the Day: Fort Point Open Studios and Maasai Photography.

The art and after parties were fantastic at this annual event. KingCast did not show there (we're not from Fort Point), but our presence was indeed well noted. Anthony Owens said, "I'll be forwarding that to more people....I dig your site, man, it's beautiful."

So too, is his.

Others are intrigued as well:
"You'll remember me as [blankety-blank] who walked to the video screening with you and Sarah. I've had a chance to review your blog and story and it's fascinating.... I would imagine there are ways I could be of use to your Civil Rights work."

And then I met a black couple who are on the board of a local New England NAACP office, but who are "on the way out," because "they never do anything... how are we supposed to even answer the phone under those conditions?"

No shit, sherlock. But the NAACP does do a whole lot of lying, that's for certain.