07 September 2006

KingCast video podcast defeats Kelly Ayotte, Chief Dunn, Bill Albrecht and NAACP in bogus extortion case.

Jaffrey, NH -- Embattled Civil Rights leader Christopher King has used the power of his KingCast video podcast website and other media to effectively shut down a misguided state propersecution against him for attempted felony extortion and contempt of court. Mr. King is a former photojournalist/editor, Ohio Assistant Attorney General, Civil Rights lawyer and NAACP Legal Redress Chair. He has also put more than a few cell towers in the ground and opened a title company under contract in Nashua, NH.

In his NAACP capacity he wrote a Demand Letter concerning police abuse occasioned by a young man named Willie Toney. The charges were brought down on Mr. King in retaliation, from former Jaffrey Police Chief Martin Dunn and Cheshire County Prosecutor Bill Albrecht, a couple of arrogant, hateful small town men of privilege and power who have both since been forced out of office after investigations into their professional integrity. The Albrecht investigation is in fact still pending. The local NAACP, through President Gloria Timmons, ran scared and climbed into the proverbial sack with these men, lying point blank and telling them that Mr. King had no Good Faith basis for threatening a lawsuit because the NAACP does not sue or threaten to sue -- a lie of immense proportions. There's Gloria now, hiding her face:

Those and many other lies have been set forth on this blawg over the past year -- as it is the only blawg in the World to link with a video podcast site to feature video from an actual First Amendment case. Facing a trial date with the film maker at the ready, the State balked. Twice. Mr. King is indeed a media blogger, and this is what he teaches his nieces about the NAACP.

Subject: All charges dropped !
Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2006 21:07:00 -0400
I tried reaching by phone earlier today but we did not connect. Good news !

County Attorney William Cleary called me bright and early this morning and told me that he had decided to nol pross the two attempted theft by extortion charges. Two hours later we called the clerk's office and were told that the last remaining charges pending against you had in fact just been nol prossed. Your criminal cases are now over ! We do not have to appear in Cheshire County Superior Court again.

Mr. King, who has pretty much given up on any media coverage of the case other than the Keene Sentinel's Melanie Plenda, issued the following statement:
"I'm glad I can wash my hands of these clowns and rebuild my life now, even though I did lose a car over it. And I would like to thank my corporate sponsors, including Wilson Tennis rackets, Patron tequilas, Jagermeister and Sierra Nevada; also I've also been quite pleased with the performance of the team Yamaha Clydesdale."

PS: The real thank-you letter is in the comments, and Daily Kos can still kiss my ass. And FWIW -- given this backdrop -- In my not-so-humble opinion, NH Superior Court Chief Justice Robert Lynn fares no better than Dunn or Albrecht for having the nerve to tell me my Civil Suit was "clearly an abuse of process." Watch him say it right here.


Christopher King said...


Thanks for all of your help. Even with your help, you saw what kind of animals some folks can be. Lady Justice was on our side, and one day I will be able to replace that lovely vehicle I lost to this sordid affair, and share some wealth with you and all the other contemporary freedom riders who rode this bus all the way to last stop.

Remember this: The dismissal is as much the product of our media putsch as anything else.

Peace be unto you, my Brother.


Anonymous said...


Congratulations Chris!

And yet another case crumbles for (former?) Jaffrey New Hampshire Police Chief Martin Dunn and Former Cheshire County Prosecutor William Albrecht...

I'm glad it was finally your turn!!!

Best Regards,


Christopher King said...

Word 'em up my brother.

And this just in my email tip jar from a certain individual from Davis Square's Sabur Restaurant, who has known me since I set foot in Boston.

Sabur was my second home until I moved to Nashua after those assholes at American Tower fired me, and I remained a loyal visitor until last year.

One of the nicest restaurants in Greater Boston, period.


Congratulations man!

I’ve been checkin’ out your videos.

Keep ‘em coming.

I couldn’t decide whether the footage from ohio was funny or deeply disturbing.

I was amused because the footage gets at the heart of the reality of really the way most bureaucracies work.

Disturbed because confrontations with the truth should always be disturbing.

Christopher King said...

PS: That individual is a U.S. Veteran, just returned home from his tour in Operation Enduring Freedom.

Christopher King said...

Hey Bad Cop News:

You are off the chain, man.

Next time let us really know how you feel, willya'?


Thanks for all your support since you surfed into this hurricane.