16 September 2006

KingCast and David Byrne issue caution on bogus Chief Dunn/Bill Albrecht extortion charges: Same as it ever was.

See even though I whupped that ass good and got my attempted felony extortion charges dismissed they avoided paying me for the pain, ridicule and financial ruin I've endured for the past 18 months, so in the American Justice system that's the same as it ever was -- keep the dissidents beat down enough so they consider not going to jail a victory when the real victory would have been not to have been charged in the first damn place, or to get financial recompense for it as we see now that the bullshit case wasn't even worth taking to trial!

They got my Civil Suit against Chief Dunn and NAACP officials Gloria Timmons and NH House hopeful Melanie Levesque (boo, hiss) for lying about NAACP policy and me dismissed because of NH Superior Court Justice Robert Lynn's specious decision and bias. To wit, in the movie linked in this post, he tells us it is truly "unfortunate" that bloggers (or at least this blogger) has First Amendment Rights, notes that it is part of the "nonsense" we deal with in a free society and that he "doesn't need to hear from me," and claims my lawsuit was clearly an abuse of process. It is funny how some say "Don't worry about the government." Yah, shoor.

The U.S. Justice system has been unfair to the have-littles for so long (i.e. since its inception) the fact that it has stopped making sense in my case should not really surprise anybody:
It's the same as it ever was.

Funny, here I am in this picture, again sporting a Big Suit, extorting exhorting students to keep learning after high school.

KingCast.net: More than just another talking head.


Christopher King said...

Funny, Chief Dunn says he wants to continue teaching.

Teaching what, precisely?

How to successfully prosecute a criminal case?


He obviously couldn't bust a grape on me and his efforts to malign former Jaffrey officer Aaron DeBoisbriand (because they had a personnel disagreement and Dunn's fragile ego and little-man Napoleonic complex IMHO got him hot under the collar) resulted in further embarrassment, as other police called him a slime-bag:


The Jury on the witness tampering came back quicker than the bloke who assembles your frames at Lenscrafters; Dunn didn't even testify!


And the Court dismissed the reckless ops charges on prior occasion:


Teach my arse.....

I just taught him a First Amendment lesson in a major way.

I'm the one who might go teach about Civil Rights, having settled cases with police and having already started an educational non-profit called the "Education Coalition" in law school both as noted in this entry:


.....and as someone who has been honored by the Columbus School District as a role model and pioneering attorney on Martin Luther King Day:



Anonymous said...

Man-o-man! You did it... I can't F'n believe you finally put this thing to rest!


gimme a jingle - love to talk to get an update.


Anonymous said...

It's not entirely over. AG's office is still pounding after me for unauthorized practice of law, which is total crap:


Christopher King said...

That was dismissed as well. Kelly Ayotte going 0 for 2 here wasting taxpayer monies.