05 September 2006

KingCast and Concord Monitor reveal Prosecutor Albrecht allegedly dirty and unethical in office.

First, the Keene Sentinel told us that former Prosecutor Albrecht's hasty resignation looked suspicious. But look, I already told you he was a straight up prick of unbelievable girth towards me; just read this post entitled "Appearance of Impropriety," followed by this one noting how he lied about the core of the case against me, and then read this one about how he tried to get my bail revoked. Lastly, watch him try to eviscerate my First Amendment Rights in the short film "Oreo" at KingCast.net. Here's what the Concord Monitor reported through Keene Sentinel Reporter Melanie Plenda, ironically on my final pretrial date of 1 September, 2006:
"Allegations included Albrecht displaying intimidating behavior with certain employees, breaking into tirades, belittling employees and asking employees to use county equipment and time to drum up support for his campaign...among other things."

Now we come to Prosecutor Cleary, who had a chance to get rid of this case, instead out of deference to his former boss actually choosing to carry this Fugly baggage, even though he did finally jettison the ugly carrying case that held the bogus contempt of court charge that Albrecht threw at me while operating at his unethical best. Now I'm gonna sue him for Prosecutorial Misconduct in my case, you bet.

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Christopher King said...

15 April 2008

Just taking a trip down memory lane on this one.

I have no words in my entire lexicon of language that could possibly express what a complete and utter Assy McGee this guy really was.