30 September 2006

NYTimes and CT Senator Andrew McDonald question hillbilly justice; support cameras in courtrooms and KingCast.net

This seminal blawg entry from earlier this week highlights the importance of the First Amendment, including video in courtroom, and the failure of the Nashua Telegraph to do a real follow-up to my criminal case for attempted felony extortion -- when I was a duly-elected NAACP legal redress chair -- and in which I prevailed. The omission is unfortunate because the case involves application of a seminal First Amendment U.S. Supreme Court case: NAACP v. Button, 371 U.S. 415 (1963).More on this later.

Meanwhile, in Connecticut and New York, video in courtroom and hillbilly justice are being vigorously addressed in Ken Dixon's Connecticut Post story and William Glaberson & Jo Craven McGinty's New York Times series, "Broken Bench: Law and Power Abused in Tiny New York Courts."

CT State Senator and Deputy Majority Leader Andrew McDonald -- to whom I've just telephoned and forwarded this story -- was quoted in the Post:
"...these changes [i.e. cameras] truly represent the dawning of a new day of judicial openness and accountability."

And more of the same in the Times piece from New York State Attorney Norman P. Effman, whom I will contact next:
"The reality is, if you keep Justice in the dark, it stays in the dark."

KingCast and Justiceforkids put it right out in the open, folks.

Ohio Judge James Kimbler agrees:
"It's important to know what judges do."

Ohio Judge Richard S. Sheward, however, hated KingCast in its infancy, prior to broadband, in 1997 or so, just look at him above, pictured left. Watch him stare me down and bellow at me in the short film, American Lawyer Part I. I had just caught him in a misstatement he didn't want to hear about.

And New Hampshire Superior Chief Justice Robert Lynn finds it "unfortunate" that I have First Amendment Rights, and states further in this short film from this blawg entry, that "putting up with a little nonsense is the price we pay for living in a Free Society."


Related Post: NH Supreme Court Judge Gary Hicks eventually makes the right call on posting Deposition Transcripts on line, but improperly denies our right to videotape proceedings in his Courtroom prior to his ascension from Superior Court.

Related KingCast movie: "A Day in Nashua," in which we are denied access to Nashua District Court even though we prevailed on the First Amendment issue when Nashua NAACP President Gloria Timmons tried to shut us down. Read the final decree from Judge McLeod here.

Here's the "more" -- as teased above:

Even though Judge John P. Arnold (pictured above, right) was lead AG and I was only an AAG in Ohio, I had to school him with this syllogism on the relevance of Chief Dunn's Deposition that I took so that he could see how he appeared biased toward the prosecution in a ridiculous case: I was falsely accused of Attempted Felony Extortion for writing a Demand Letter as NAACP Legal Redress Chair on behalf of a black man who faced 3 drawn police guns and a visual body cavity search for.... LOITERING. Mr. Toney beat the charge pro se and I eventually prevailed when a new prosecutor took office and realized what a bullshit case it was from the get-go.

Along the way, NH Jaffrey Police Chief Dunn was hit with "discipline" for misconduct in office and went on leave of indeterminate duration, and Cheshire County Prosecutor Albrecht left amidst an investigation that he fomented a hostile work environment and commanded underlings to use county resources to aid him in his (defunct) re-election campaign.

Dunn and his lawyer, a liar and evidence hider but locally well-respected Charlie Bauer actually laughed during Dunn's Deposition about the prospect of me being gang-raped in prison. Read the depo. transcript right here.

Related KingCast movie: "Oreo," in which we hear my former black clients reflect on my career at beginning and end, while watching white man Albrecht try to shut down KingCast, as well as white man Judge Arnold ask "who's funding this?" -- as if he asks ABC or NBC or WMUR who's funding them.

That my friends, is hillbilly justice at its best. New York today and Bull Connor yesterday have got nothing on these clowns.

29 September 2006

KingCast site of the Day: David A. Horan, Esq.

Attorney Horan (pictured, left, and quoted here), his right-hand lady Lori and another attorney and I just spent a half an hour reflecting on the madness of the Jaffrey/Cheshire County indictments I faced. It was great fun, but of course we were all reminded that the state, having been humiliated, is still apparently out for blood and seeking to get me on Unauthorized Practice of Law using AG Kelly Ayotte and AAG Connie Stratton. Attorney Horan -- ironically a former lead prosecutor from Hillsborough superior -- has tussled with Attorney Stratton on prior occasion; came out on top.

There will be no rest for KingCast -- although I will probably see a bit better, and look a little hotter since Sarah and some friends of ours hooked me up with a pair of these stylish frames from Dolce & Gabbana. Back in the Day, I wore Anarchys.

"You've earned them, Chris.... you prolly burned the lenses right out of your other ones writing briefs for David!"

Related movie: "Arraignment Press Conference," at KingCast.net.

26 September 2006

Nashua Telegraph editorial on First Amendment vis a vis NAACP, Judge Groff, NH AG Kelly Ayotte and KingCast.

Cross post: Telegraph forums.

Yesterday the Nashua Telegraph ran a compelling editorial on the fact that most students are not aware of the full breadth of the First Amendment. More on this later.

That means that they should be eager to cover my ongoing trial for unauthorized practice of law in Judge Groff's Superior Courtroom, as I have already prevailed on my criminal charges with a cop and a prosecutor out to lunch and also beat down (final decree inside) Nashua NAACP President Gloria Timmons using the First Amendment when she tried to shut down this blawg and KingCast. Also watch "Day in Nashua" at KingCast.net. Besides, it would be a good thing to actually talk to me so that they don't have to run any more corrections as noted above.

I have on prior occasion commended the Telegraph for its fair and balanced reporting on my case -- which should be taught in all of those First Amendment courses outlined in the editorial. I commended them not once, not twice but three times! Now that I prevailed in my criminal case without even going to trial, using First Amendment arguments and courtroom camera (another First Amendment issue) I can't even get a live reporter to say, "Boo!"

As a former photojournalist/editor I don't understand.

Again, the U.S. Supreme Court has spoken in NAACP v. Button, 371 U.S. 415 (1963):
"....appellants and those associated with them may not be prohibited from acquainting persons with what they believe to be their legal rights and advising them to assert their rights by commencing or further prosecuting a suit against the Commonwealth of Virginia, any department, agency or political subdivision thereof...."

And of course: Sheet Metal Workers' v. Mohawk Chemical et al. 1998 WL 519585 Ohio App. 5 Dist., 1998 noted:
"...the [Button] Court held that the NAACP had a First Amendment right to advise nonmembers and hire attorneys to represent nonmembers, in order to protect rights afforded by the Constitution."


Here's the "more" as teased in the first paragraph: The editorial quotes a John S & James L. Knight foundation survey:
“Our conclusion is that the closer to home the meaning of the First Amendment, the more likely they are, or even adults are, to understand its value and appreciate it.”
Which of course dovetails perfectly with the comments of my friend, mentor and former boss, noted Civil Rights lawyer Terry H. Gilbert, in part:
"I know Christopher King embodies the spirit of those who came before us who have sacrificed greatly for this cause. He has experienced all kinds of injustice in his young career, and his message needs illuminated to people as example of what can happen for speaking out in today's society, even as a lawyer."

Folks can hate on me all they want (although even Republican families can understand the importance of my work), but the bottom line is that everything I have done is protected by the First Amendment. And those who wish to put me down are only working to promote further degradation of the Grand Amendment. And those who allow them to do it had better be aware that they might be next.

Related post: No violation of NAACP bylaws.
Related post: There's no privacy in a public courtroom.
Related post/movie: Judge Lynn: It is "unfortunate" bloggers have First Amendment Rights.

I've been screaming it since the 1980's and into the 1990's off the back of my Bimmers: Civil Rights, dammit.

24 September 2006

KingCast notes it is settled: Daily Kos and Markos Moulitsas run a fascist regime.

Despite the fact that many kossacks welcomed me back, and despite the fact that one diarist who posts rather infrequently even wrote a beautiful diary entry captioned "Congratulations to Christopher King," (on this victory over Chief Dunn and Prosecutor Albrecht) some jackass named Rita from DC @ -- probably an NAACP stoolie -- and Markos Moulitsas saw to it that I was again banned from the board as Reporter Guy. She did this in spite of the fact that I discuss very substantive issues in diaries that were well-received...... including this one on 9/11 and one on NPR/Iran and Daniel Ellsberg. Not to mention this one about the Federal Investigation into Columbus Public Schools which implicates NCLB spending issues.

Read the wandering tirade in the comments section here from Rita where she in fact misstates me at will, claiming that I said I was entitled to Due Process from the board, when in fact all I said I wanted was not to be called criminal when I'm not, even though another asshole there who goes by the handle of -- get this -- eternal hope wrote that I was. It is unfortunate that others who enjoy my posts are deprived of valuable communication now, but fascists like Markos Moulitsas don't really care about that. He's just another purportedly disgruntled military brat and the BAE -- America's largest military war pig -- supports the NAACP.

Buckeye State Blog, Whiskey Bar Blogger and Liberal Dose Blogger are right: Daily Kos -- in particular its founder and leader, Markos Moulitsas -- constitute a hegemonic empire. He might as well be a Republican First Amendment basher. Dickweed.

Read the comments section for the real irony.

KingCast watches NH AG Kelly Ayotte and Connie Stratton smile in his face; violate his Due Process Rights.

In these two/entries I showed you why the state's "case" against me for Unauthorized Practice of Law is without merit, per NAACP v. Button, 371 U.S. 415 (1963). To that I further note that they have not had to respond to my requests for factual admissions p.1 & p.2, and reiterate the fact that Attorney Stratton has cited new statutory law -- established after I wrote the Demand Letter -- in an attempt to win her case when the old statute stands in my favor.

That's an ex post facto issue, duh. Not to mention she violated the Rules of Civil Procedure in her rabid pursuit:

This "case" should wind up precisely where the criminal "cases" wound up: In the trash can, another example of wasted taxpayer monies that should have gone to recompense that young black man who faced 3 drawn police guns and a visual body cavity search for loitering -- which he beat pro se.

Nasty Law Enforcement officers and the sellout NAACP in New Hampshire: Have they no shame?

22 September 2006

KingCast and Psychedelic Furs present: Ghost of Chief Dunn.

this is an audio post - click to play
Ghost in you
He once stood so tall
Now just an apparition
Beaten at his game.

KingCast reflects on Atlanta killing spree against blacks vis a vis the New Hampshire AG's office.

NPR reminds us that 100 years ago you could just beat and kill niggers in Atlanta. Earlier this year of course, NPR reminded us about how cops could do the same damn thing in Chicago. Recently.

New Hampshire takes a different approach to its nigger problem. First they set restrictive Global monetary policy using the IMF in 1944 to give darkies band aid solutions to keep them economically dependent. Now if we get too uppity, they send out police chiefs like Jaffrey NH's Martin Dunn, or Prosecutors like Bill Albrecht.
But that failed, like, totally.

Here's what Bad Cop News had to say.

So now they send out Kelly Ayotte and Connie Stratton with the Attorney General's office. I'm here to see to it that even if they somehow win, everyone will know about their dirty hearsay and ex post facto violations, and how they ignored my valid ethics/complaints against white people when I filed them; instead they turn around & try to cut my nutsack. But I ain't havin' any parts of that bullshit.

"Wait, wait Mr. Kotter, I know, I know" said Horschak: "Let's call the local NAACP for help!"

"Horschak we can't call them.... they're too busy whoring it up in a political daisy-chain to hear our cries for Justice."

PS: The Court overruled my proposed stipulations and findings of fact seen above at "ethics/complaints" without explanation. But take time to read them because they are highly relevant, especially now that they are trying to get me on Summary Judgment to keep KingCast out of that courtroom.

KingCast to NH Kelly Ayotte; Court: WTF your Honor, that's hearsay!

A few days ago I showed you why the AG's office coming after me for unauthorized practice of law is absurd (again) in light of NAACP v. Button, 371 U.S. 415 (1963) because:
"...appellants and those associated with them may not be prohibited from acquainting persons with what they believe to be their legal rights and advising them to assert their rights by commencing or further prosecuting a suit against the Commonwealth of Virginia, any department, agency or political subdivision thereof...." and as noted in Sheet Metal Workers v. Mohawk Chemical et al., 1998 WL 51985 Ohio App. 5 Dist:"...the [Button] Court held that the NAACP had a First Amendment right to advise nonmembers and hire attorneys to represent nonmembers, in order to protect rights afforded by the Constitution."

Now that I've seen their Motion for Summary Jugdment, Attorney Constance Stratton (photo forthcoming) should in fact be sanctioned for trying to use what amounts to clearly indamissible hearsay against me, a former AAG myself. Read the annotated letter from Jackie Ellwood about me and the affidavit 1 and 2 (erroneously called a "Deposition" by current legal redress chair Casey Goodwin).

Attorney Stratton should also be sanctioned for her attempted ex post facto persecution of me, actually citing the new statute on attorney representation in her Motion for Summary Judgment, as opposed to 311:1 in effect at the time of the alleged offense! I am filing a Motion to Strike today before I head back down to CT for a weekend of work, as I prepare KingCast and writer James O'Brien for a rather nice art installation set to open in October.

Obviously, anything Ellwood (ironically a former art gallery owner) claims I said is inadmissible hearsay; it's not even sworn. And whatever Goodwin says I said to Toney or Ms. Dunchas is also hearsay, perhaps even double hearsay.


Anyway, while Attorney Stratton's arguments may be sanctionable, at least she shook my hand; wasn't afraid the black would rub off, like Maria Proulx and Charlie Bauer -- who struggled to shake my hand in this picture, but in this movie you can watch him at 5:12 sulk right on past my narrow black ass.

21 September 2006

KingCast wishes a joyous Rosh Hashanah to our Jewish friends.

Shattered alliance between blacks and Jews? Pshaw. Thanks to Professor Lou Jacobs, Esq., Terry Gilbert, Esq. and my boys Randy, Matt, Josh, and Danny Boy, all of them proving indeed that one World is enough.... for all of us!

Yeah I'll fix that bandwidth problem tomorrow. My blawg is bigger than I thought; no more free rides I guess. I'll have to just accept that =^.)

20 September 2006

Justiceforkids and KingCast welcome Feds to investigate Columbus Public Schools.

Cross-posted: Daily Kos.
Justiceforkids.net and KingCast.net have been telling and showing folks how Superintendent Gene Harris and the Columbus School Board ignores acts of violence against children, and how and why protester Jerry Doyle, who has prevailed against the Board for repressive First Amendment policies, has shown you how executives like Sherry Bird Long have bilked the system out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Now the Feds have come to investigate NCLB and some other matters that will make all of that seem like child's play.

Read the comments section for the JFK Press release, and watch a short film that shows how the Board treats concerned parents and members of the community in 1998 and today.

Check the Columbus Indy Media entry, which was put on the front page and has to date received 687 reads.
So I'm having lunch today, discussing the bullshit extortion charges against me for helping police abuse victim Willie Toney -- that were finally dismissed in their entirety -- with a delightfully snarky CNN reporter stationed in Europe, back for a week in Boston.

"NAACP.... they're a totally mainstream outfit, aren't they?"

"Yep. And they've even crawled into bed with Bush on NCLB. Watch my blawg for updates."

18 September 2006

KingCast responds to NH AG Kelly Ayotte's specious claims.

I telephoned NH Attorney General counsel Constance Stratton to discuss whether they would be inclined to dismiss the bogus charges of unauthorized practice of law in light of the bullshit nature of the criminal case that resulted in exoneration prior to trial.
No way, she says -- which is ridiculous considering the applicable law in 2004:

Consider the fact that I am a duly-licensed notary who has never stood trial for a crime so I am, ipso facto, a Man of Good Character. Therefore I am able to occasionally represent people in the fine state of New Hampshire, as noted in this post, "A Man of Good Character," wherein we see NH Chapter 311:1 "Right to Appear," in effect as of 25 December 2004 which read as follows:
A party in any cause or proceeding may appear, plead, prosecute or defend in his or her proper person, that is, pro se, or may be represented by any citizen of good character. For the purposes of this section, a citizen shall be presumed to be of good character unless demonstrated otherwise.

I mean, read the damn plain language of the code for Pete's sake before bringing (another) bogus prosecution down on me willya'?

Moreover, I'm basing my arguments primarily on the landmark case of NAACP v. Button, 371 U.S. 415 (1963), which involves weighty Constitutional issues. Meanwhile, it is interesting to note that Judge Groff issued a Constitutional Summary Judgment Decision in a local school-funding case involving all the cast of characters involved in my cases -- Orr & Reno, Kelly Ayotte's office, Andru Volinksy, etc.... which is hotly-contested and part of his order has even been stayed.

While the Constitutional ruling portion was sustained by the NH High Court, the point remains that Summary Judgment in a Constitutional case should only be invoked when it is absolutely clear one way or another. In the school funding case there was an established history in which the State had previously admitted Constitutional failure, in Claremont School District v. Governor, 143 N.H. 154 (1998).

See Londonderry School District SAU #12 v. State, 2006 WL 2571757, NH Sept. 08 2006, as attached in my Memorandum Contra Summary Judgment, seen here at pp. 1, 2, 3.

However, in this case it is not clear that I have strayed from Button, so no Summary Judgment shall lie.


So here's Button footnote #9:
"....appellants and those associated with them may not be prohibited from acquainting persons with what they believe to be their legal rights and advising them to assert their rights by commencing or further prosecuting a suit against the Commonwealth of Virginia, any department, agency or political subdivision thereof...."

In the above picture on the left, that's Chief Dunn who was "disciplined" in office before they twice asked him to leave, offering $25,000.00 -- before he went on a "medical leave" of indeterminate duration, standing there with former AG Peter Heed on the right, who resigned under a sex scandal but who is now bucking to return to Cheshire County Prosecutor. Funny, that's the very same spot where he used to work with Chief Dunn, and the very same spot where that hater Bill Albrecht just failed in prosecuting me, and then got his ass sent out to pasture on an ethics investigation.

Someone had better call the sex police, because I smell the taint of incest all over the place. After all, they certainly don't mind trying to bend me over, and I'm a former AAG myself (para. 4).

KingCast.net and Justiceforkids.net: We keep the family jewels away from the family tree.

16 September 2006

KingCast and David Byrne issue caution on bogus Chief Dunn/Bill Albrecht extortion charges: Same as it ever was.

See even though I whupped that ass good and got my attempted felony extortion charges dismissed they avoided paying me for the pain, ridicule and financial ruin I've endured for the past 18 months, so in the American Justice system that's the same as it ever was -- keep the dissidents beat down enough so they consider not going to jail a victory when the real victory would have been not to have been charged in the first damn place, or to get financial recompense for it as we see now that the bullshit case wasn't even worth taking to trial!

They got my Civil Suit against Chief Dunn and NAACP officials Gloria Timmons and NH House hopeful Melanie Levesque (boo, hiss) for lying about NAACP policy and me dismissed because of NH Superior Court Justice Robert Lynn's specious decision and bias. To wit, in the movie linked in this post, he tells us it is truly "unfortunate" that bloggers (or at least this blogger) has First Amendment Rights, notes that it is part of the "nonsense" we deal with in a free society and that he "doesn't need to hear from me," and claims my lawsuit was clearly an abuse of process. It is funny how some say "Don't worry about the government." Yah, shoor.

The U.S. Justice system has been unfair to the have-littles for so long (i.e. since its inception) the fact that it has stopped making sense in my case should not really surprise anybody:
It's the same as it ever was.

Funny, here I am in this picture, again sporting a Big Suit, extorting exhorting students to keep learning after high school.

KingCast.net: More than just another talking head.

13 September 2006

KingCast demands (and receives) correction from Nashua Telegraph on Jaffrey extortion dismissal story.

The headline in yesterday's Telegraph story reads "Extortion charges reduced for ex-NAACP volunteer."

Well I hate to be a lawyer or editor about it, but the charges were DISMISSED, as an email or phone call to me or careful editing would have noted. Remember, I was a photojournalist, editor and reporter a while back so I know a few things about accuracy in media, as noted in this 1989 Ken Blackwell story, as well as the Blacks against Blackwell follow-up.

Please issue a correction accordingly.

NOTE: Read the comments on forthcoming correction.

Blawg Yahtzee: Fallen Prosecutor Bill Albrecht's bag of tricks precipitated another correction on prior occasion because Keene Sentinel reporter Melanie Plenda couldn't keep up with the bullshit. I totally forgive her, though because none of us could keep up, either. Thank goodness he's out of office and facing investigation for misconduct.

KingCast urges investigation of NAACP V.P. and NH House primary winner Melanie Levesque; she's a liar and lacks integrity.

So...... NAACP Veep Melanie Levesque is in the top four for in yesterday's Democratic Primary. Well this morning (10 minutes ago) NAACP Veteran's Chair Cleaven Ferguson tells me he saw Melanie Levesque tooling around in her Mercedes SUV, and it made me wonder just how in the hell a liar like her can aspire to reach political office. More on that in the next paragraph.

BTW, contrary to what NAACP President Timmons said, Ferguson actually did provide me a notarized affidavit in my support regarding the bullshit extortion charges that Levesque and Timmons brought on me by lying to Jaffrey, NH Police Chief Dunn. Here are three instances where Levesque lied on me: Nashua Telegraph #1, Christopher King, Esq. old web page, and Nashua Telegraph #2. and the lie that the NAACP does not sue, or threaten to sue, is -- for lack of a better term -- a black and white certainty.


Dunn is on some sort of funky "medical leave of absence" of indeterminate length, after being disciplined for unethical conduct at work, according to town attorney Debra Ford, and his sidekick, hastily-retired Cheshire County Attorney Bill Albrecht is under investigation for, inter alia, creating a hostile work environment and commanding employees to use county time and equipment to boost his (defunct) re-election campaign, as noted in the JPEG's Concord Monitor story herein.

The only reason this lawsuit against Levesque, Timmons and Dunn was dismissed was because those haters depleted all my funds and I had none left to purchase Chief Dunn's Deposition. But even then, in Ohio at least, if you took a Deposition you were under no affirmative duty to actually order it -- and I submitted an Affidavit of Indigency but Judge Lynn -- who in this video attached to this post, notes that he doesn't care if Levesque, Timmons or Dunn abused the criminal process to try to shut down my websites and lock me up. Then he goes on to say that it is "unfortunate" that bloggers have First Amendment Rights but that it's the "nonsense" we deal with in a free society. Nice.

And the charges against me have of course been dismissed, pursuant to NAACP v. Button, which makes some Daily Kos diarists and my Great-Great Aunt Mother Ann very happy posthumously, as noted herein. Ms. Levesque is less happy, as noted by her unflattering mug shot taken at a public hearing in Cheshire County Court one day they were all trying to revoke my bail and get me locked up. They lost, and rightfully so. See "Lawyerman" at KingCast.net.

These are not people who need to be holding any public office, folks. In fact, I wouldn't trust them with my change to bring me back a loaf of bread from the corner store.

Watch Melanie Levesque and all of these ass-clowns in action in these short films at KingCast.net:

1. Live Revolution.
2. Oreo.

Melanie Levesque: You had a chance to recant but you didn't. Now I'm going to expose you as the liar you are, unworthy of public office.

10 September 2006

KingCast says thanks, Mother Ann; Daily Kos.

Thanks to you, now we're getting somewhere.

Some folks at Daily Kos agree:

"Thanks for the update, I am relieved.

We need to understand what it is like to be the designated victim of a bully campaign by people who, with vested authority, take it upon themselves to carry out an emotionally motivated vendetta against a dissenter.

That Christopher King's diaries may not, each and individually, have been comprehensible to the uninformed, is irrelevant. It is a bit much to expect a person who is in the midst of actually being persecuted by the PTB (with vested legal authority) to be entirely mellifluous in each daily update of his ordeal.

Those whose lives are lived 'beneath the radar,' devoid of the mind-blowing shock of outrageous selection for violation of basic human rights, can never understand what it is to undergo an ordeal such as the one that was inflicted upon Christopher King.

When those who have the power invested in them by virtue of being elected, or appointed to, positions of public trust choose to carry out a vendetta against one (such as Christopher King) who demands to be treated with respect and within the confines of the law, but who rubs the institutional feathers the wrong way, it is all too common that those of us who live our lives in comfort choose to turn away, too fat and lazy to come to the aid of a fellow human being who, by the very act of standing up for his own human rights, stands up for us all."

KingCast 1998 and 2006: Different look, same integrity.

How the recent bullshit started, and how I finished it.
I'm not arrogant, I'm just Good. Funny, the older I get, the more I resemble my father.

KingCast says: I ain't havin' this:

Ixnay on the beat down.

08 September 2006

Union Leader Pam Smart specialist covers dismissal of Chief Dunn's retaliatory extortion charges and KingCast.

this is an audio post - click to play
KingCast.net, my video podcast site (due for a wrap-up movie, actually) contains a quote from the Union Leader noting that they would go to see a movie about my life as a reporter, AAG, Civil Rights lawyer and criminal defendant. So it was nice to interview today with Faith Sawyer, and this is what she wrote. Reporter Sawyer, BTW, was one of several Keene State journalism students who conducted intensive investigation into the Pam Smart trial. They went through holy hell trying to get documents out of the NH AG's office. As a former Ohio AAG, all I can say is what a coincidence.

Read the comments for my commentary on Reporter Sawyer's story.

Bad Cops News supports KingCast & dismissal of charges against Christopher King; goes Medieval on some haters.

Damn, Son.

Someday somebody will tell KingCast that this whole thing was an episode of Reno 911 and my royalty check is in the mail!

Like, WTF?

Is Deval Patrick responsible for predatory lending practices against Blacks and Hispanics?

Note: I have opened a title company and conducted a couple hundred residential real estate closings so I'm knowledgeable about this issue as reported today. Before that,
I worked in property for a while erecting wireless towers and I made sure that tower rental went to po' folks and single mothers when possible.

If you recall (or even if you don't), I told you on 2 June, 2006 all about Deval Patrick's association as board member of Ameriquest, busted for predatory lending in a $325M settlement, and which is according to MassNews.com, a "Scandal Ridden Mortgage Company Which is Notorious for Victimizing Blacks, Women and Immigrants." And his investment portfolio is from hell, too as noted on Cape Cod Living Blog.

But go on ahead and vote him in, because as his campaign slogan goes, "Together we can.... rape, pillage and plunder even more poor folks!"

And you haters out there don't even bother trying to malign my character about me being indicted when I was NAACP legal redress chair because those charges are now DISMISSED in their entirety, even though I am far from wealthy in this Judicial system -- in fact broke as hell right now -- so that indeed proves the charges were bullshit because po' folks don't get away with nothin'.

One day I will run for office and we can elect someone who really cares about po' folks and the common man, while being sympathetic to the concerns of the wealthy. It is possible.

KingCast.net and Justiceforkids.net: Power to the people.

07 September 2006

KingCast video podcast defeats Kelly Ayotte, Chief Dunn, Bill Albrecht and NAACP in bogus extortion case.

Jaffrey, NH -- Embattled Civil Rights leader Christopher King has used the power of his KingCast video podcast website and other media to effectively shut down a misguided state propersecution against him for attempted felony extortion and contempt of court. Mr. King is a former photojournalist/editor, Ohio Assistant Attorney General, Civil Rights lawyer and NAACP Legal Redress Chair. He has also put more than a few cell towers in the ground and opened a title company under contract in Nashua, NH.

In his NAACP capacity he wrote a Demand Letter concerning police abuse occasioned by a young man named Willie Toney. The charges were brought down on Mr. King in retaliation, from former Jaffrey Police Chief Martin Dunn and Cheshire County Prosecutor Bill Albrecht, a couple of arrogant, hateful small town men of privilege and power who have both since been forced out of office after investigations into their professional integrity. The Albrecht investigation is in fact still pending. The local NAACP, through President Gloria Timmons, ran scared and climbed into the proverbial sack with these men, lying point blank and telling them that Mr. King had no Good Faith basis for threatening a lawsuit because the NAACP does not sue or threaten to sue -- a lie of immense proportions. There's Gloria now, hiding her face:

Those and many other lies have been set forth on this blawg over the past year -- as it is the only blawg in the World to link with a video podcast site to feature video from an actual First Amendment case. Facing a trial date with the film maker at the ready, the State balked. Twice. Mr. King is indeed a media blogger, and this is what he teaches his nieces about the NAACP.

Subject: All charges dropped !
Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2006 21:07:00 -0400
I tried reaching by phone earlier today but we did not connect. Good news !

County Attorney William Cleary called me bright and early this morning and told me that he had decided to nol pross the two attempted theft by extortion charges. Two hours later we called the clerk's office and were told that the last remaining charges pending against you had in fact just been nol prossed. Your criminal cases are now over ! We do not have to appear in Cheshire County Superior Court again.

Mr. King, who has pretty much given up on any media coverage of the case other than the Keene Sentinel's Melanie Plenda, issued the following statement:
"I'm glad I can wash my hands of these clowns and rebuild my life now, even though I did lose a car over it. And I would like to thank my corporate sponsors, including Wilson Tennis rackets, Patron tequilas, Jagermeister and Sierra Nevada; also I've also been quite pleased with the performance of the team Yamaha Clydesdale."

PS: The real thank-you letter is in the comments, and Daily Kos can still kiss my ass. And FWIW -- given this backdrop -- In my not-so-humble opinion, NH Superior Court Chief Justice Robert Lynn fares no better than Dunn or Albrecht for having the nerve to tell me my Civil Suit was "clearly an abuse of process." Watch him say it right here.

06 September 2006

KingCast presents: Former Cheshire Prosecutor Bill Albrecht is a sad face for Civil Rights.

If you can't get Civil Rights out of Cheshire County Prosecutor Bill Albrecht as white employee, how in the hell can I expect to get any from him with respect to the seminal case of NAACP v. Button, 371 U.S. 415 (1963) as a black slave, regardless of how hard I work?

New Civil Rights face runner-up to Bill Albrecht: Nashua NAACP's Gloria Timmons, who demands Civil Rights in her workplace but couldn't care less about someone else's when it might cause the NAACP to get its hands dirty. So instead she gets her political knees dirty; ends up with egg on her face. Together, they make a perfect pair: Of Jokers, that is.

Blawg Yahtzee: What I teach my nieces about the NAACP.

05 September 2006

KingCast observes: NAACP sleeps with the enemy, falls ill.

My mother always told me "Careful the company you keep, Son."

Somebody should have told that to the NAACP. It works out all right with Exxon, but what about Cheshire County Prosecutor Bill Albrecht, or Jaffrey Police Chief Martin Dunn, both of whom resigned and/or took indefinite leaves of absence during or after official investigations into their conduct at work? See "Who's driving this bus" Not so good. May need a shot of penicillin or whatever they use these days. I wouldn't know 'cos I'm not a political whore-bag.
My offer is as noted in the comments.

I warned them before: They've created one seriously mongoloid-child of a case against me.

"You couldn't possibly script this," said one of my brothers-in-law just now.

"I know," I told him. "That's why we've got KingCast."

KingCast and Concord Monitor reveal Prosecutor Albrecht allegedly dirty and unethical in office.

First, the Keene Sentinel told us that former Prosecutor Albrecht's hasty resignation looked suspicious. But look, I already told you he was a straight up prick of unbelievable girth towards me; just read this post entitled "Appearance of Impropriety," followed by this one noting how he lied about the core of the case against me, and then read this one about how he tried to get my bail revoked. Lastly, watch him try to eviscerate my First Amendment Rights in the short film "Oreo" at KingCast.net. Here's what the Concord Monitor reported through Keene Sentinel Reporter Melanie Plenda, ironically on my final pretrial date of 1 September, 2006:
"Allegations included Albrecht displaying intimidating behavior with certain employees, breaking into tirades, belittling employees and asking employees to use county equipment and time to drum up support for his campaign...among other things."

Now we come to Prosecutor Cleary, who had a chance to get rid of this case, instead out of deference to his former boss actually choosing to carry this Fugly baggage, even though he did finally jettison the ugly carrying case that held the bogus contempt of court charge that Albrecht threw at me while operating at his unethical best. Now I'm gonna sue him for Prosecutorial Misconduct in my case, you bet.

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Will KingCast and Christopher King get a fair trial from Judge John P. Arnold in Jaffrey/Chief Dunn/NAACP case?

Judge Arnold on prior occasion allowed them to use a "Notice of Appearance" by Charlie Bauer that wasn't even sent to my address to try to revoke my bail for contacting Chief Dunn -- even though I was clearly required to contact Chief Dunn because I had filed a Civil Pleading. To read the actual document they used, click on the word "deficient" in this post that notes Prosecutor Albrecht's resignation is suspect according to the Keene Sentinel.

So you bet I have my concerns about next Wednesday's (13 Sept.) trial. One observer, on reading this post, was not moved by the fact that His Honor and I are both experienced Attorneys General (His Honor a Primary, me an assistant) and stated:
"Man, he's going to find a way to nail you regardless of what the evidence demonstrates because they know you're going to come after them for malicious prosecution if he finds you Not Guilty. It's all in the bag for them, and they know that even when you expose Chief Dunn's lies, as well as Gloria Timmons' lies under Oath, and the witness tampering she did with [NAACP Veterans' Chair] Cleaven Ferguson, nobody will prosecute her because she's aligned with the Government against you."

Related post: Gloria's lies under Oath about having a sworn affidavit by Cleaven Ferguson vis a vis the witness tampering -- she knew he was my witness and that he had already had issued a sworn affidavit to me, in my support!

KingCast and Justiceforkids: Demand Justice everyday.

KingCast asks: Is the Union Leader practicing yellow journalism?

First after lots of media coverage about my case, they wrote in an editorial they would love to see a movie about me, as noted here. Then Union Leader reporter Steve Seitz sat on the park bench while Willie Toney and I talked to him. Watch it all happen in "Live Revolution" at KingCast.net. But alas, no story ever ran, and Seitz emailed me to say it was out of his hands. Now I have to wonder why I haven't heard back from Nik Coates, whose email is posted herein. Some of you may know I was a photojournalist/editor for a weekly, and a reporter at a daily, so you know I'm just sayin'...... whazzup? Can a bruvva' get a holla'?